Theta, Reconnective and Matrix Energetics
Jimmy Mack
Healing Body, Mind, Spirit, People, Places, Things, Pets and Situations
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When we access the healing code and utilize the language of spirit we can alter our beliefs and our holographic structural design.  Often this can change our outlook and our world as we know it.

After decades of studying and practicing a variety of healing methods, practices and disciplines, I had a near death experience (NDE) in ICU in the hospital that changed my life forever.
I was shown things and told things that allowed me to access all that is and bring the ethereal rain that can make a difference in your life.

Consciousness acts like a super computer and if we can change the software we can change our lives by tapping into the field of our hearts, our feelings and beliefs we can transcend all of the laws of lack and separation thus shattering our paradigm of limitations

What I have been given access to is real, different, and I have seen it work time and time again on a variety of different clients with various diseases, disorders and circumstances throughout the various far reaches of the world. 
Distance, time and space are irrelevant and it will not matter if I see you in person or over the phone or skype.  Spirit will still move in, around and through us to create profound and mystical changes in your life and mine.    
This I believe and this I know.   Together, we can co create changes that you can feel

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