I am a macroeconomist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.  My research has been in the areas of utility theory, capital theory, quantitative business cycle theory, and political economy.  Most recently, I have been doing some work in the area of asset-pricing. If you look under ECO 7362 in the sidebar on the left, you will see some material from a mini-course in asset-pricing that I taught for 2nd year Ph.D. students at SMU in the spring of 2012. 

At the Fed, I've done some work on the topic of inflation measurement, in particular the construction of alternative measures of core inflation. I also write a monthly "Inflation Update" for our website. If you are interested in that sort of thing, have a look here.

Mostly, this site contains stuff related to my research---papers, descriptions of works-in-progress, Matlab programs, etc. There will also be some "personal-interest" stuff, related to some of my hobbies, like cooking & camping (or cooking while camping).

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Here is my CV.