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Disasters and Complex Emergencies

26 - 28 March 2012

General Objective:  To know the factors and elements to be considered in civil-military planning in the case of complex disasters or large-scale emergencies and to learn about the tools and procedures required in order to receive international support.


Specific Objectives
    1. Identify and classify large-scale emergencies and natural disasters.
    2. Distinguish the stages of emergency management and necessary coordination during preparation, response, recovery, and mitigation.
    3. Identify and distinguish the roles and missions of national and international organizations in reducing risk and managing disasters and emergencies.
    4. Examine the potential roles of the armed forces in a disaster or emergency.
    5. Analyze and debate cases of complex disasters and large-scale emergencies.

Development of the Seminar
    1. Participants will attend all panel, plenary and working group sessions in the designated locales of the IADC. 
    2. Seminar coordinators will clarify expectations for all sessions and explain the varied educational approaches and formats that will be adopted.
    3. Participants will be divided into seven groups and analyze a case scenario from a given role/ stakeholder lens, assisted by a subject matter expert and facilitator.
    4. Groups will present their conclusions on the final afternoon of the seminar using a moderated panel format.
    5. Each of the working groups will appoint a single panelist to present its conclusions according to a designated presentation template and respond to a moderated Q&A session.

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