About Us

Students Like Best: As part of our 6th grade Architecture & Engineering theme, specially trained teachers work with the students to provide them with unique interdisciplinary learning experiences. Furthermore, Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Project brings together the arts, history, and architecture for our 6th & 7th graders. Our 7th grade students explore health issues and careers within the medical community. By focusing on social justice, our 8th graders connect past events to present concerns and become socially aware and responsible citizens. Our students also enjoy an extensive after-school program.

 Parents Like Best: Parents appreciate our nurturing teachers, who provide support and enrichment in an inquiry-based learning environment. They also appreciate how we introduce the students to unique experiences through the after-school program. Additionally, parents rely on our interactive website for convenient communication and updated information.

 Interesting Facts: Our students have won top awards in math, robotics, filmmaking, art, science, athletics and other competitions. Unique and engaging field trips and artist visits are provided by our cultural partners. An international partnership with the Confucius Classrooms Program provides our students with cultural experiences and three years of Chinese language instruction.

 Academic Opportunities

Regents Classes: Earth Science, Integrated Algebra

Enrichment Classes: Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Visual Arts

Language Classes: Mandarin (3-year sequence), Spanish