Questions to consider when applying to high school

  1. Does the school have a particular career focus?
  2. Where is the school located? How long will it take me to get to the school?
  3. When does 1st period start?
  4. What time does school end? When is the school building closed?
  5. What activities are available after school?
  6. Does the school have a choir, band, and drama department?
  7. Do students wear a school uniform?
  8. Are there other schools in the building?
  9. What's the student enrollment at the school?
  10. Do students move from class to class or do the teachers move?
  11. What foreign languages are offered?
  12. Can students go outside during lunchtime?
  13. How many lunch periods are there?
  14. Does the school offer community service or internships?
  15. How does the school help students to prepare for college?
  16. If a student doesn't want to college, will a counselor help with other plans?
  17. Are sports very important at this school?
  18. Are there advanced placement classes available?