Columbia House Academy

The Columbia University Academy is our 8th grade Academy. The focus of this academy is to build world-aware, critical thinkers who can cut to the truth of a situation and document and communicate that truth through multi-media.  Technology and Careers is an important aspect of this academy as students are guided in teaching/learning opportunities to separate truthful from inaccurate reporting and documentation of local and world events.  Students are guided to master the skills, strategies, and stamina necessary to take their places as literate world leaders.  In all subject areas, Columbia students are encouraged to view the world with a combination of wide and narrow lenses to access and evaluate the big picture while breaking it down to investigate the background and building blocks of world events.  New York City is a lab site in media. Student reporters, future writers and editors learn by producing a school newspaper and are involved in projection-based assignments that focus that incorporate media, editing, producing, and script writing.