The purpose of the English Language Arts Department at JHS 117 is to ensure that al of the students are receiving an education that is rigorous and common core aligned. The curriculum is designed to help teachers build students’ learning capacity to read, think, speak and write about complex texts. It is the expectation of this department that there be a smooth transition between the various grade levels and across other content areas. The first unit of the year is the Narrative Unit for all grades. The other units will be taken from the Expeditionary Learning Curriculum. This also includes reading, writing and speaking so that students develop critical thinking skills and they are able to annotate challenging texts, read fluently and their vocabulary is on or above grade level. 

One of our main goals is to prepare our students to compete with other students around the world for jobs and colleges. Moreover, our focus is on reading comprehension skills and/or strategies, writing argument essays, persuasive essays and doing analytical research. All lessons are differentiated and teachers collaborate on a weekly basis to see trends in students’ performance and use the data from formative assessments to determine their instructional practices. 

Sixth Grade Teachers

  1. Ms. Martin
  2. Mr. DeGuzman
  3. Ms. C.A. Jones
  4. Ms. Sebastian

Seventh Grade Teachers

  1. Mr. Rodney
  2. Ms. Sebastian
  3. Ms. D. Attong
  4. Ms. Fukushima
  5. Ms. Diaz

Eight Grade Teachers

  1. Mr. Ginley
  2. Ms. Dallacqua
  3. Mr. Finer
  4. Ms. Diaz
  5. Mr. Fuchs