Social Studies Project

Sightseeing in Berlin – Sehenswürdigkeiten in Berlin

For your project you will choose one interesting sight in Berlin and make

a folder about it.

Für das Projekt suchst du dir eine interessante Sehenswürdigkeit in Berlin aus und stellst eine Mappe darüber her.


In your folder you must have –                 In deiner Mappe solltest du haben –

1. a title page with the name of the sight, a nice picture or photo, and your name

1. ein Titelblatt mit dem Namen der Sehenswürdigkeit, einem hübschen Bild oder Foto und deinem Namen



2. a table of content

2. ein Inhaltsverzeichnis



3. a historical report including important information such as:

- When was it built?

- Who built it?

- What purpose did it serve?

- What does it serve today?

- other important facts about the sight

3. einen Bericht über die Geschichte der Sehenswürdigkeit mit wichtigen Informationen wie:

- Wann wurde es gebaut?

- Wer baute es?

- Zu welchem Zweck wurde es gebaut?

- Welchen Zweck erfüllt es heute?

- andere wichtige Informationen



4. a sightseeing report:

You have to visit the sight and write about your visit.

4. einen Sightseeing-Bericht:

Du musst die Sehenswürdigkeit besuchen und darüber einen Erlebnisbericht schreiben.



5. photos or/and postcards or/and pictures from magazines

5. Fotos und/oder Postkarten und/oder Bilder aus Zeitschriften



6. a map where you have marked the sight

6. einen Stadtplan, in dem du die Sehenswürdigkeit gekennzeichnet hast



7. a drawing of the sight

7. eine Zeichnung der Sehenswürdigkeit



8. a bibliography: a list of books, magazines, internet sites, and other sources you got information from

8. ein Literaturverzeichnis: eine Liste von Büchern, Zeitschriften, Internetseiten und anderen Quellen, aus denen du dir Informationen geholt hast.


You have to hand in your project not later than May 14th 2018.

Du musst dein Projekt spätestens am 14. Mai 2018 abgeben.

Field Trip on Monday, 19.03.

The whole grade level will be going to the Atze Theater to see a production of Emil und die Detektive.

Social Studies Berlin Sights project due May 2nd.


After an exciting three weeks we are now one week away from Winter Break. Just a reminder, students will be dismissed at 10:35 on Friday, February 2nd.


In Math these last three weeks the kids used play money to buy materials from the Kubala/Barrios supply store. They then used these materials to make art and crafts (mainly slime), sell their products at market and use their profits to buy things at our auction.  It was a fun and exciting way to make the kids do lots of calculations with big numbers, introduce decimals and long division.  Because of logistics, Ms Barrios and I kept our classes for this project. 4e will be back with Ms Barrios for Math on Monday. This last week before break we will review the Math involved.


Art on Monday


This coming Monday we will be working with acrylic paints. These do not wash out, so please remind your child to wear old clothes or clothes they (and you) don't mind possibly getting paint on.


Pünktchen und Anton


On Wednesday, February 14th, all fourth grade classes will go to the Grips Theater to see a play based on Erich Kästner's book Pünktchen und Anton.



Class Trip

Paper work is now complete and we are set for the class trip.  Ms Faber (school counselor) will accompany us.  We will get to Dreieichen by S-Bahn and train. The trip will involve a long walk, so it would be helpful if a parent  with a big car could drive our luggage.


Bake sale?

Classes often do bake sales during lunch to raise money for class trips. Some people expressed interest before Christmas. I will try to reserve a lunch hour during the week of February 19th. The money would go towards the travel cost - we will need 5,80€ per child for the train.

Welcome back!

Class trip consent form.
Your child brought in a consent form for the class trip last Friday. Please return this to me by December 20th.

Secret Santa.
On December 20th (last day of school this year!) we will have a calm Christmas party in homeroom. A part of this will be opening secret Santa gifts. Everybody drew a name last week. I have the names written down just in case someone forgot. The gift should be small - 5 Euros or less.

Känguru Adventskalender
Each day in December we will also work on a Math problem from this Advent calendar in Math class. Feel free to revisit the problems with your child on the website below.

Grade Level field trips to theater productions in February and March

1.  Grips Theater (Hansaplatz)
Theaterschein der Schulen
5,50 per person
Wednesday 14.02.2018 @ 10:30. (We need to be there at 10:00.)

2.  Atze Musiktheater (Luxemburger Str. / U9-Amrumer Str.)
Theaterschein der Schulen
5,00€ per student
Monday 19.03.2018 @ 10:30. (We need to be there at 10:00.)

Tests and quizes:
Signed tests and quizes stay in a test folder that I put together for each student. New quizes or tests come home in this folder for you to sign. The folder works as a a kind of portfolio. All students should have gotten their geometry test signed by now. I have only given the retakes back to students who showed me the first signature.
If you have not seen this folder yet, you will get it on Monday with yesterday's Math quiz and tägliche Grammatik if your child has GMT or GPT with me.

Math Evening this coming Monday:
Ms Barrios and I look forward to seeing many of you this coming Monday evening at 6:30 (the pink paper I handed you at the parent evening).

Class trip:
Please remember to write me an email by Thanksgiving. I have heard concerns that 5 days seem too long. I disagree, but then again these are your kids:) For my son it was a wonderful experience. Please talk to one another. Should we have to call it off, I'd rather do so sooner than later.

School Computers: If your child asks you for a USB stick to bring to school, this is correct. If they don't, the should do so soon.
The school will be switching to a new server. What this means for anyone who has an account on the school computer system (this includes your child), is that documents saved under their profile will be erased at some point in the near future. Your child's MT teachers will be showing how to make a backup and asking your child to bring a USP stick to save files.
Please don't ask me why or how this is happening - I've told you all I know. Most 4th graders don't have much on their profile anyway. Nonetheless, this is a good opportunity to introduce the idea of making backups, a good general practice.

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