Notes on the open space session (no conclusions!)


* FUD reduction
* Marketing
* Vision for an ideal state
* Something you can not be doing
* How do we convince the CIO it's valuable?
* Implementable / actionable

DevOps is not...

* A certification
* A role
* A set of tools
* A prescriptive process

DevOps is...

* A philosophy that starts with passion
* A cultural, professional movement with attitude and values
* A reaction to poor communication
* About creating visibility between dev and ops
* About the symbiotic relationship between dev and ops
* Cross-functional teams over organizational silos
* Products not projects
* Automation over documentation (and more automation... and more...)
* About creating self-service infrastructure for teams
* Knowing that good software doesn't end with development / release
* Software that doesn't require support
* Ensuring a continual feedback loop between development and operations
* Cross-functional teams over organizational silos
* Creating products that are owned by the delivery team
* Knowing that a project is only finished when it is retired from production
* Something you can do without doing agile

What we want to achieve

* Operations and development are skills, not roles. Delivery teams are composed of people with all the necessary skills.
* Delivery teams run software products - not projects - that run from inception to retirement