Jewish Cooperative School

The Jewish Cooperative School is a parent participation elementary school, collaboratively governed by parents and teachers. JCS believes that the most successful education is the result of a cooperative relationship between the school, families, and the community as a whole. The primary mission of JCS is to foster a lifelong love of learning and meaningful connection to Hashem. Our dual curriculum skillfully weaves Judaic and General studies into everyday, hands-on learning experiences. Judaic and General Studies is presented as a unified package because it is all chochmat Hashem. Students are encouraged to follow their curiosity, to think creatively, and to work both independently and cooperatively with others. JCS recognizes, respects and celebrates the uniqueness of the individual. Each child’s contribution enriches the learning experience for  the entire group.   JCS strives to instill within each child ahavat Torah and a love and respect for Klal Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael. JCS believes that proficiency and excellence in both Judaic and General studies is integral to the success of every Jewish child.