Volunteer Responsibilities

Volunteer Library Ambassador Meeting Leader

All library-sponsored events taking place in the library building must have a library representative present. Non-staff persons may undergo Volunteer Library Ambassador training and be certified by the library to be a volunteer library representative at library-sponsored meetings. These volunteer "Library Ambassadors" represent the library to meeting participants, are trained in library emergency procedures, and follow the procedures for setting up, running, and cleaning up after the meetings for which they volunteer. If you are interested in becoming a Library Ambassador for Unplug and Play meetings, please click on the "contact us" link at the bottom of this page and send us an email with your name, address and contact information.

What follows is the volunteer procedure for running Unplug and Play meetings in the auditorium:
  • In the absence of library staff, a Library Ambassador for a meeting is "In Charge"
    • Represents the library at the meeting
    • Knows the House Rules, and the setup, meeting, clean up, and emergency procedures
    • If help needed, dial 0 (Main Desk) or 231 (Info Desk) and ask for Librarian in Charge
  • Before Meeting (half an hour before scheduled session start)
    • Let Information Desk know you are here. Have them unlock 4th floor on the elevator, the auditorium door, and the storage room
    • Set up refreshments (look for a flat cart in cart room near staff room)
      • Lemonade
        • Find pitcher (it will either be in refrigerator with old lemonade in it, or in the children's office)
        • Lemonade mix is in the cabinet to the right of the microwave in the staff room
        • Use tap water for lemonade. Long wooden spoon for stirring will be in dish rack or in silverware drawer, under toaster oven
      • Ice (from staff room freezer) in large bowl from cabinet to the right of the microwave
      • Paper plates, napkins, cups are in the 4th floor storage room
    • Upstairs: turn up/down heat/AC, depending on seasonal conditions
    • Popcorn machine (packets under machine or in storage room)
    • Roll out games, popcorn machine from storage room
    • Evaluation forms are on the top shelf of game cart. Place some copies on the tables. Pencils are in one of the boxes that hold the small games on the cart.
  • Greet people arriving before meeting
    • Invite them to look at games in front
    • If tables/chairs not set up, have them help set up
  • Start of meeting announcements (5:00 pm)
    • Thank everyone for coming!
    • Bathroom location
    • Fire exits
    • Game play to conclude at 8pm. (Building closes and you must be done cleaning up and ready to exit the building by 8:30pm)
    • Ask people to kindly fill out session evaluations before leaving
  • During meeting
    • Keep track on yellow pad of how many people attend (hashmarks) and what games are played (Meeting Report)
    • Make more popcorn if it runs out before 7pm or so
  • End of meeting announcements
    • 7:30pm: Hand out evaluations to everyone and make an announcement that you will be asking them to conclude game play at 8pm. Players are asked to be ready to head downstairs by 8:10. 
    • 8pm: Announce, "Thanks for attending, everyone. Please end your games and fill out evaluations."
  • After meeting
    • Collect evaluations, put them in evaluations folder along with meeting report
    • Clean popcorn machine
    • Put games, evaluations folder, extra cups, paper plates, napkins away in storage room
    • Change heat/cooling to neutral position
    • Turn off lights
    • Take refreshments cart downstairs
      • rinse pitchers (if there's lemonade left over, just put the pitcher in the refrigerator)
      • wash ice, snack bowls--they go in the cabinet to the right of the microwave
      • leave cart in cart room

Contact us about becoming a Volunteer Library Ambassador for an Unplug & Play meeting.