House Rules

We ask that participants follow some simple rules when playing at Unplug and Play:

  • UNPLUG! Please turn off all cell phones. If you must keep yours on, turn it to vibrate, and take all calls in the hallway, not at the game table. Please refrain from texting at the game tables.
  • Board games and card games are allowed. No video games, console games or hand-held electronic games, please.
  • Please DO bring games from home to play. Games should be appropriate for players ranging from age 8-12 to adult. It is advisable to include your name and a list of game parts with any game you bring to let others play.
  • Please treat game parts gently so they'll last a long time. Particularly, keep food and drink away from games, and handle game parts with clean fingers.
  • By library policy, no wagering. This includes playing for cards in trading card games.
  • Unless ALL players at a game agree on rule changes BEFORE play starts, the rules that came with the game are to be used to settle all rules disputes or questions.