Fun in Kindergarten Room 17

                          Welcome to room 17!                                     

 Horizon Literacy Plan Information is on Sept 20, 2018. Remember 
to come learn about your child's literacy plan and sign it.  Some
great manipulatives will be given out free.  You decide which time works best for you. 
10:00-11:00 Spanish 0r 4:30-5:30 Spanish


For more information look on the Weekly newsletter page

Don't forget to send in Boxtops!   Please take a minute to look at bonus box tops.We have started counting them and putting them in groups of 50. The kids love it!    

School Hours 

M-TH 8:20-11:25 & 12:10-3:10

Friday 8:20-10:55 & 11:40-2:10

324-4841 school phone number

For more reading and letter fun try: 

For fun in all areas try: