Please review the following information.  There will be no exception to these rules.  Links to the Physical, Interim Physical Questionnaire, and the Insurance Waiver are at the bottom of this document.  To get back to the homepage please use the home button. 
Monitored Activities: Cheerleading, Dance Team, Musical, 

All Jerome Middle School sports to include: Football, Soccer, Cross Country, Volleyball, Wrestling, Basketball, and Track. Other activities as indicated by administration

Jerome Middle School requires each student pass a physical examination before they may participate –including tryouts. Eligible physical dates are May 1st of the current school year to May 1st of the next school year.
7th graders going into the 8th grade with a current physical ONLY need to complete the Interim Physical Questionnaire provided by the district.

Insurance Waiver: Before participation, including practices and tryouts, the school must have on file a record of each participant’s insurance or waiver form.

Activity Cards: All players on a team must have purchased an activity card prior to trying out for a sport.

Academic Eligibility: Before students can participate in Jerome Middle School activities they must be eligible. Some activities require that student’s tryout. Before students tryout or participate in school activities they need to show that they are capable of maintaining passing grades. Students must maintain D’s or better in all courses. Grades will then be checked frequently throughout the season. Students with failing grades will be placed on probation and not allowed to participate in competition. Once the student is off of probation, they will be allowed to return to competition with approval of the athletic director.

While on probation the participant may practice but will not be allowed to be with the team during games (dress down), travel, or play in any games).

Coaches/advisors will require participants to provide a copy of current grades indicating their eligibility to participate. Initial fall activity participation will be based on the prior year’s third trimester final grades. Summer school credit recovery will not be considered. Both students and their parents will be required to sign the eligibility contract acknowledging that they understand the participant’s academic responsibilities and consequences for failing to follow the requirements as indicated in the activities eligibility policy before they can participate.

Missed Practices: On the first unexcused absence the participant will not be allowed to participate in the next game or competition. The second unexcused absence will also result in the participant not being allowed to participate in the next game or competition. On the third unexcused absence the participant will be dropped from the team or squad (coach discretion).

Daily Absences: Athletes must attend school the entire day on the day of the event to be eligible to play or practice.

Classroom and School Discipline Problems: If a participant gets a Referral he/she immediately becomes ineligible to represent JMS in the next competition this includes dress down, travel, or play in any games. Additional eligibility rules may be adopted by the head coach. Any major infractions such as theft, drug or tobacco infractions, or causing a major disturbance will result in being dropped from the team or squad.

Travel with Parents after Games or Competitions: Students not wishing to ride the bus home will be released only into their parent’s custody after games or contests. Parent contact with the coach or sponsor must be made prior the contest. Appropriate paper work must filled out and contact made with Coach after the game as well. Under no circumstances will JMS students be released into the custody of another family following a game or activity without prior approval from the principal.