Welcome to 7th grade!  I am Dr. Jolene Dockstader.  I love to teach English Language Arts.  I have a doctoral degree from Boise State University.  My favorite thing to do is to read with my pug, Annie, sitting on my lap.  I love to read all kinds of things (books, magazines, recipes, etc.) and I love to write (journaling, stories, lists, etc) as well.  I believe that reading/writing are the most important skills people can learn and research has shown that most jobs that pay well require a skill in writing.  People learn to read by reading and to write by writing. The more people read and write, the easier it gets and the more they are motivated to do it. Writers who write a lot learn more about the process because they have had more experience. In the seventh-grade language arts class, we read everyday and write extensively in journals, compose essays, and write poetry. 

To contact me:

call -- 208-324-8134 ext 3214
e-mail -- jolene.dockstader@jeromeschools.org