Students, are you ready for kindergarten?  This is a FUN class where we laugh a lot!  You will learn to read books, write stories, and do math problems along with learning different things in science and social studies.  We have computers for you to work on in class and at the computer lab.  The classroom has an overhead projector, document camera, and iPad to help us learn too.  How exciting!  You will have P.E., Music, and Library once a week.  Yay!  If you follow the rules and work really hard, you will learn a lot and have FUN while you do it!  I can't wait to meet you at Meet the Teacher on Thursday, August 28th from 4:00-7:00 PM in Room 28.


Parents, are you ready for kindergarten?  Kindergarten is a lot more advanced than it used to be, so be prepared.  Students are expected to read books, write legible stories and explanations, and do addition and subtraction fluently by the end of the year.  These are things that used to be expected in first grade.  You are your child's first and most important teacher!  The more time you spend preparing and helping them, the farther they will go and the easier it will be, so please set aside time each day for schoolwork.  Children will have homework if they do not complete their work in class.  Occasionally, it is due to a time crunch we cannot plan around, but it could be because of a student's lack of effort or skills.  If you consistently see unfinished work from your child, please contact me, so we can discuss the issue.  I also assign "Read Aloud" assignments that the student is supposed to read to you and then you SIGN your name on the paper/book.  They earn stickers toward the Treasure Box for returning this and other important notes.  Please check you child's backpack and folder every night for homework, returned assignments, and notes.  Homework and notes are expected back the next day.  Plus, a clean backpack and folder are easier for a student to keep organized.  I know it seems like a lot for kindergarten, but with your help and positive attitude about school, your child will excel and enjoy learning!  Don't forget to visit the Remind101 page to sign up for helpful reminders!!!