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Benefits of using Petainer Kegs

  • Compatible with Micro-Matic coupling systems (Sankey D / S & Flat Type A), no conversion or additional investment is necessary

  • Petainer kegs are delivered clean & micro-biologically sterile 

  • No cleaning or rinsing required. Just purge with C02 and Fill.

  • Petainer Kegs are 100% fully and easily recyclable

  • Lightweight 

  • Simplify Supply Chain
    • No Deposits
    • No Keg Return, Storage, Shipping

  • Able to expand distribution to new global markets

  • Full support from Jenrey & Petainer

  • Extended Shelf Life, Taste & Quality of product in Petainer Kegs

Environmentally Friendly 

Petainer kegs are 100% recyclable,
they are lightweight, they carry no 
return logistics and they use less energy in production - so it substantially reduces 
the environmental impact. 20L & 30L 
kegs in stock and available.

Quality Assured

Petainer Kegs provide excellent C02 retention and prevent 02 ingress,
ensuring each beverage maintains its quality, as well,if not better than in steel kegs. All materials approved for food/beverage use by the EU, FDA 
and has been independently 
tested by third parties.

End User Benefits 

  • Easier for staff to handle

  • Easier storage

  • Easier to identify beer brand

  • Improved hygiene, taste & quality 

  • Visual level of beer in keg - No guessing 

  • Reduced environmental impact

  • Eliminate deposit charge on steel kegs

  • Eliminate dirty keg storage 

  • Eliminate keg loss / theft 

  • Eliminate returning of kegs

  • Great for every aspect of the beer / wine / cider industry

  • Petainer kegs can be connected to most existing taping systems. NO NEED for special or custom couplers at bars