The Jenrey Craft Kegger – Keg Washing, Sanitizing & Filling System

The Jenrey Craft Kegger machine is designed and priced to be the answer to the craft brewing industry kegging needs and can be used to clean and fill steel kegs as well as fill PET plastic, one-way kegs!

With two cleaning heads and two filling heads, it is rated to clean two kegs and fill two kegs at a time at approximately 40-60 kegs per hour. 

Cleaning and sterilizing procedure:
Air purge
Water wash
Detergent wash
Cold water rinse
Steam or sanitizer
High and low flow rinse

Some Features:
Flow meter for precise volumetric filling 
High grade angle seat valves
Heavy duty stainless steel construction 
Machine footprint – 48”x48”36 with castors for mobility 
Counter pressure filling 
UL Certified electrical systems
TSSA Approval is an option at an additional coast

The Craft Keger is PLC controlled and has an HMI screen which allows you to set the parameters you require to clean and fill the keg, such as fill volume and Gas purge times, etc... The screen also allows you to select CIP, Product forward and Filling.