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The Evolution of Kegs!

posted Jan 7, 2014, 5:09 PM by Andres Jensen
Well we have started a new year, and boy is it ever an exciting one. We have hit the ground running with Petainer kegs and the word of Jenrey being the Canadian Distributor is spreading fast. Our Inventory will be here very soon and we will be able to ship our first orders as of the end of this month. 

In the spirit of our new partnership with Petainer, I have added an interesting picture below showing the evolution of kegs since beer was being consumed by the Vikings!!! Its important to note that evolution is a must and the steel keg has been dominating the market for over 50 years. Its about time that a new revolutionary keg take the industry by storm....... and here it is.... the Petainer, One Way, 100% Recyclable Keg! 
For Export alone, they prove to be a no brainer, and as time passes by, I believe they will be dominating the metal kegs and eventually take over the world!!!