Mrs. McLeod's Class - Sea Turtle Adventures

Welcome to our Sea Turtle website. We are learning all about the various types of sea turtles found in the world. We have been researching and learning about the life of a sea turtle from eggs to the sea. This site will showcase some of what we have learned.

Events and Activities

May 5, 2011 

Today we Skyped with Dr. Spotila. The video of this Skype session will be posted on this site shortly. Our class wrote reflection essays about what they learned from Dr. Spotila. You will find a link to them on the sidebar menu of this page or by clicking here. 

May 6, 20011
We have posted a video to this site of the conference with Dr. Spotila. We have also posted student reflections about the event and a sampling of the digital posters that they have made. See the navigation on the left to view these pages.