Tier 1

Tier 1 (universal instruction) programs are standards based classroom instruction which involves a large number of students in widely implemented prevention activities. The activities should be differentiated by students’ abilities and interests based on the approved curriculum of the Jefferson Township Board of Education. A best practices approach is utilized including high opportunities for response, specific, continuous, and positive reinforcement, along with the use of assistive technology and cooperative learning activities. 


Behavior and academic performance such as task attention or homework completion may also negatively impact achievement. Specific growth targets are established based upon an individual student’s level of achievement through grade level proficiency. Teachers work with students and parents to develop strategies to assist students in meeting their targeted goals.  Interventions such as engaging family systems, high quality classroom management, and research based stategies such as signaling to a student, preferential seating, and proximity control can improve the learning atmosphere and expectations.


Staff should then develop a formalized system for documenting and periodically monitoring student progress. The remaining levels of the pyramid include increasingly intensive interventions needed by fewer students, such as after school study halls, reading and math support classes and counseling groups formed by guidance counselors to address the needs of specific groups of students.

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