Closure: (Summary; Exit questions; Silent exit slips, etc.)

brings students back to the lesson objectives to discern if they learned the material, i.e., “Show me or tell me what new information you learned in today’s lesson and how you will use it in your life.”

  • Cues students that they are at the end of today’s lesson
  • Helps students organize their learning
  • Provides opportunity for varied ways for students to show learning
  • Reinforces main points and unites them in a coherent whole
  • Connects to the real world to enhance retention and meaning
  • Reinforces metacognition

Techniques for Reflection and Closure

Closing Circle – A quick way to circle around a classroom and ask each student to share one thing they now know about a topic or a connection that they made that will help them to remember or how this new knowledge can be applied in real life.

Exit Cards – An easy 5 minute activity to check student knowledge before, during and after a lesson or complete unit of study. Students respond to 3 questions posed by the teacher. Teachers can quickly read the responses and plan necessary instruction.

Learning Logs – Short, ungraded and unedited, reflective writing in learning logs is a venue to promote genuine consideration of learning activities.

Reflective Journals – Journals can be used to allow students to reflect on their own learning. They can be open-ended or the teacher can provide guiding, reflective questions for the students to respond to. These provide insight on how the students are synthesizing their learning but it also helps the students to make connections and better understand how they learn.

Rubrics – Students take time to self-evaluate and peer-evaluate using the rubric that was given or created at the beginning of the learning process. By doing this, students will understand what areas they were very strong in and what areas to improve for next time.

Write a Letter – The students write a letter to themselves or to the subject they are studying. This makes the students think of connections in a very personal way. Students enjoy sharing these letters and learn from listening to other ideas.

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