Pyramid of Intervention

Students who are not progressing sufficiently in an academic setting may need additional supports to core instruction.  In addition, frequent progress monitoring will provide data to determine changes in the delivery of interventions.   The application of researched based strategies will result in specific interventions for students.

A Pyramid of Intervention is a formalized plan for developing strategies to assist students who need additional supports.  It is a multi-level approach and an organized system for monitoring appropriate interventions based on data.

 and support
-beyond the classroom 
 teacher on Tier 3 Form

Classroom Interventions
 and Academic Supports on Tier 2 Form

standards based classroom instruction
which involves a large number of students in widely
implemented prevention activities documented on the Tier 1 Form
 All Students: best practices for Lesson Design and Instructional Strategies

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Dr. Mary Thornton
Assistant Superintendent K-12

Mrs. Eileen Daggett
Director of Special Education K-12

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