Class objectives

By the end of this class, you will gain experience and cultivate your skills for the following activities:

Evaluation and synthesis

  • Evaluate the culture of the health sciences information profession and library.
  • Organize the issues and ideas central to health sciences information work into a personal framework
  • Discuss emerging trends, opportunities and challenges
  • Propose ideas and practices in response to the changing landscape of health sciences information work

Problem solving

  • Conduct research in response to professional issues and opportunities.  This includes the following activities:
    • Identifying and articulating a research problem
    • Research study design
    • Data and evidence collection 
    • Analysis
    • Reporting findings, recommendations, and future work.
  • Engage in evidence-based practice.  
    • Use the literature and knowledge base towards comprehension and informed decision-making in health sciences information work.
    • Contribute to the evidence base by disseminating research work.

Reflective learning and practice

  • Reflect on your career:
    • Am I suited for a career in health sciences information?  If not, why not?
    • I hope my career will be like ...
    • I know my career is a success if ....
  • Reflect on your interests:
    • What are my interests?
    • What are my vision/goals for an information career?
    • What institutional focus, environment or management style suits your interests in the information profession?
    • What do I want to contribute to the profession?
  • Reflect on your learning experience:
    • What are my talents and weaknesses in the field?  How can I improve?
    • My final project has been ... (exciting, boring, instructive, ???) ... because ...
    • How can I learn more about the information field outside of class, after graduation, when I'm working, ...?
    • How can this class be better?
    • How can I contribute to the improvement of this class?

In each class, I strive for you to gain practice and experience towards each of the above objective.

INLS 705 Health sciences information


A survey of information used in the health sciences disciplines and professions: the organization of sources, current techniques, and tools for its control, including online databases.


9h30 - 12h15
Manning Hall 214, UNC HSL, and Duke MCL

Office hours


Your final grade is calculated according to the percentage allotted for each assignment as detailed here.

All assignments are graded out of 100 as follows:

90 - 100   H
80 - 89     P+
70 - 79     P
60 - 69     P-
50 - 59     L
0 - 49       F
Incomplete   IN  (details here)

Grading schemes are provided in your assignments.  These outline the components that are graded and the expectations for each grade.