Advice for Incoming Seniors

We asked graduating seniors:
What advice would you give to students beginning this project?

"My biggest advice would be to take advantage of the help being provided to you! This project IS difficult and tedious, both portions of the essay and presentation. However, so much help is being given throughout this entire process and I highly suggest to take advantage of this tool. I regret not taking up the opportunities to receive all the help being given because I was dissatisfied with my result on Senior Exhibition. I know it can be embarrassing to ask for help or sometimes even think you got it all handled, but it does not hurt to ask for help!!" -SC, class of 2017

"Advice to future seniors, is to stay on top of your work and do not wait for the last minute. Many students waited for the last minute to do their work and were stressing. DO NOT BE THAT PERSON!!! Stay on track and you will do fine. More advice to future seniors that I wish I should've done differently, is to use the lab time appropriately and do not fool around. You are just wasting time to fool around, instead of working on Senior Exhibition. Stay focus and you will have less things to worry about later." -SL, class of 2017

"Some of the best advice I would give to the upcoming seniors is to manage your time. I know it’s senior year and you just want to go out and have fun with friends, but you also have a huge senior project requirement and that should come first in your agenda, ALWAYS. I wish I would’ve known how to do that. Procrastination is your best friend, but you can’t let it get to you so much. Balance social life with school and you should be fine." -BH, class of 2017

"The main thing to remember is that Senior Exhibition is a time management project. This means that you have to be on top of your work and make sure that you are not fooling around during times that are allotted for Senior Exhibition in class and slacking off at home when you are behind on your work. A useful tip is to find more than enough information over the summer and save it for later on in the year because you will end up finding some sort of use for it in one way or another throughout this process. In addition, do not hesitate to ask for help when you need it. The reason that your teacher and others are there is to help guide you. You should try to find people that have similar topic, so you can share information and help one another." -TZ, class of 2017

"The biggest advice I can give to any senior is to not procrastinate because stressing yourself out when doing work last minute does not produce quality work and you NEED quality work to pass this project. From experience, I know that sleepless nights are not fun at all and will hurt your performance for other classes so to have the best senior experience, even if it’s not a lot, do work little by little and don’t rely on the last day to do everything. You will regret it entirely." -JF, class of 2017

"This project is not that hard, and it is nothing to stress about. For regular humanities especially, there is a lot of support and time given to help with this project. It is extremely important to use the time in class wisely and get as much work done as possible. This will make you less stressed out. Also, it is helpful to turn in the essays for the 8AM deadline early to relieve stress." -JE, class of 2017

"As long as you keep up with the deadlines, you can totally pass the project hands down. Regular Humanities, in particular, makes the project much easier to handle because of the increased use of lab time. AP Humanities students might find it harder, but the issue of time-management and procrastination runs rampant in both regular and AP Humanities. Organization really helps with this problem, however. Please remember that for the presentation, even if you fail, you can revisit it until you pass. All-in-all, the Senior Exhibition Project is most likely not as difficult as you think it is." -ME, class of 2017

"Time management is key in this project. You will find yourself working on multiple assignments at a time with Senior Exhibition work and work from your other classes. You have to be ready to make some sacrifices at appropriate times so you do not fall behind in your senior year. While some students may not recommend this, I believe choosing a humanities teacher as a mentor is a really good idea because they give the most feedback and they really guide you through the whole writing process. They may be hard graders, but they will provide you with the most assistance since they actually know what exactly they want to see on the paper. Also, look for help finding interviews. Interviews are the bane of me during this project." -DA, class of 2017

"Senior exhibition is not as frightening as it seems. A fifteen page essay and a twenty minute presentation are completely doable if you keep up with all deadlines and turn in quality work. Every assignment you do related to senior exhibition should contain your best work possible at that time. Failing to do so will force you to spend even more time on it while you are also juggling a new approaching deadline. Each senior exhibition assignment is part of the foundation for your final essay and presentation. Therefore, do not slack off on any assignment that may seem insignificant because it does matter and the consequence will affect you in the end. The effort you put into the entirety of the senior exhibition process will show in your final essay and presentation so be sure to spend your time wisely." -class of 2016

"The biggest piece of advice I would give to incoming seniors is to not procrastinate. Deadlines are closer than they appear. Another thing is, many topics are very sensitive. If you are considering homelessness, then you must know that this is a topic that cannot be joked about and must be taken seriously. Also, one thing that not many people mention is that this project is doable. It is not a difficult project but it is also not easy. You will have to do the work and if you keep up with the deadlines and if you stay on top of your work then you will be fine. You will survive, and everything will be okay, trust me and just do it." -class of 2016

"The best advice I can give to incoming seniors is to choose a topic that interests you. If you choose a topic you don't really care about then it will be hard to continue reading information/articles. Also try not to be late or absent because you will miss the time in class to work on assignments and have assistance from your humanities teacher. Another major thing to keep in mind is to be organized. Organization is key, keeping up with deadlines, setting a schedule and not procrastinating. You don’t want to be up all night working on your Senior Ex because you were procrastinating, you become exhausted and it shows in your work. Like your topic - stay organized - stay positive - always ask for help when needed." -class of 2016

"The biggest piece of advice I would give to incoming seniors is to not procrastinate. If you procrastinate on any of the Senior Exhibition Assignments, it will just mess up the flow of mentor meetings and catching up with other assignments for other classes. Remember that passing Senior Exhibition is a GRADUATION REQUIREMENT! Keep telling yourself this and it will motivate you to get all assignments done ON TIME! Another small piece of advice is to listen to your mentor. If your mentor gives you a lot of feedback on assignments, take that to account and fix all the comments he/she addressed. Remember that your mentor is grading both your paper and presentation. Good Luck on Senior Exhibition!" -class of 2016

"Don't procrastinate, especially with the presentation. Know your information and practicing is so important. It is a stressful journey but as soon as you start your presentation, no one in the room knows more than you about your topic, so the audience is yours. Make sure to sound persuasive of why you believe your answer to your EQ is right and not just an informative presentation. Ask for help when you need it! Utilize everyone, family, friends, teachers, and especially your mentor. They're there to help, I promise." -class of 2016

"The biggest piece of advice I would give to incoming seniors is to make sure you are confident in you topic because you will be working with it all year. The worst thing is to choose a topic you don't care about and have to lug yourself to do the work all year. Also to choose a mentor you have had some connection with. Having a comfortable relationship already made makes it easier to ask for help and receive constructive criticism." -class of 2016

"My biggest advice is to be super duper married to your topic. As in don’t think “yay [topic]!” think “YEAH [topic] MAN 100% A+ #1” because I thought my topic would be all fun and literally games, but it lost its traction around September.
Also start looking for interviews as early as summer. As in have at least 3 potential interviewee’s in your sights and the actual second you get the interview assignment e-mail them!!
And finally create a google alert for your topic by scrolling down to the bottom of the news tab and hitting create alert; it's a lifesaver."
 -class of 2016

"The most important advice I could give to any future seniors is to relax, and work hard. This project is difficult at some points and very stressful but if you breathe and do what you gotta do to pass. Do not procrastinate and slack off, this project is doable and you can pass and survive. Just keep up with the due dates your humanities teacher gives you and work hard and ask for help from your mentor and teacher. Do a lot of research because the more research you do the easier this senior exhibition becomes. Good luck to you all!" -class of 2016

"The biggest piece of advice I would give to incoming seniors is to stay organized. I had a hard time in the beginning, with staying organized and it did not make my life easier. Trust me, when you get organized and you're up at 1 in the morning finishing and adding things to your paper, there are major benefits to being organized. Everything is going to fall in order if you remain organized. Another piece of advice I would give is that do the outlines to the best of your ability. The outlines will help you stay organized and help a long way with the paper." -class of 2016

"Alrighty kiddos, the most important advice I can give you is this: Give Senior Exhibition your ALL from the beginning, middle, and all the way into the end. Don’t do what I did and start off with an “IMPECCABLE” (Weinstein) Context Essay, only to end with a mediocre presentation by March. That would feel absolutely HORRIBLE and trust me, you’ll regret it.
Second paragraph of wisdom: USE YOUR CLASS TIME WISELY. When you have time to write an essay or work on your presentation (which you’ll have a lot of time for), WRITE YOUR ESSAY AND WORK ON YOUR PRESENTATION. It’s seriously the smartest thing you could do, it’s really not worth it to slack off in class and then have to go home and finish something you could have finished in class. The only way to have a real social life during senior year is to make good use of the time your teachers are giving you during class, be grateful that they’re giving you the time!
My last piece of advice is to AIM FOR MERITORIOUS!!! YOU ALL CAN DO IT, TRUST ME!"
 -class of 2016

"The first biggest piece of advice I would give is to love your topic. Your teachers will emphasize this, and it’s so true. You might start out liking or having an interest in your topic, but you might end up hating it and wanting it to be over 4 months in. Another piece of advice is to keep all your stuff and keep it organized. You’ll need those papers you did at the beginning of the year for the big packet you put together and you lose point if you don’t have all the pieces. The last thing is to talk to your mentors whenever you need help, not just whenever you have to as an assignment. They are there to help you succeed, so communication between you two is very important." -class of 2016

"You are not alone! Do not stress out too much because you will have a mentor who is there to push and guide you throughout this whole process. Do not let Senior Ex overwhelm you! You will have plenty of time to work on it, revise it, rehearse it, etc.  -class of 2016

Use school time wisely! Regular humanities classes are very lucky because they get time during class to do Senior Ex. If you are in that class take advantage of the time because Senior Ex can be a lot more stressful if you are doing it at home. At school you can get help from your teacher and mentor!" -class of 2016

"Some advice I would give to future seniors is that pick a topic you’re interested in and don’t procrastinate. Pick a topic you’re interested in so you won’t become bored and actually start to hate your topic. You’re going to be with your topic for the majority of your senior year. Also don’t procrastinate. This may sound repetitive but it’ll help you with your workload and your sanity. " -class of 2016

"The biggest piece of advice I would give to incoming seniors is have a goal for the end of the project, and to pick a topic you are genuinely PASSIONATE about. Whether it be to be meritorious or simply to pass, have a goal in mind so your mentor knows what you need to do, and so that you don’t overwork yourself. And when the going gets tough, and you’re annoyed that there is just deadline after deadline, without any room to breathe, having a topic you like learning about, and won’t get tired of, will help a lot." -class of 2016

"The first thing I want to say, probably what everyone is saying, is DO NOT SLACK OFF OR MISS DEADLINES. Anything you don't do will affect you for the things you need to do. For example, if you don't do a rough draft for a part of the paper, how would you complete the final draft. Another thing is that always ask for help when you need it. I experienced this firsthand because I rarely asked for help and I greatly regretted it. My mentor was so mad at me for never asking for help. Trust me, you do not want a mad mentor to be grading your senior ex." -class of 2016

"The biggest piece of advice I can give to future seniors is to push yourself to succeed in the essay portion of the project. Presentation day is the most important day for seniors, aside from graduation, so making sure you have a strong paper with killer concrete details and analysis will make constructing your presentation a lot easier. It is also very useful to pick your mentor wisely. Do you want a teacher who will help you write and possibly grade your work harder? Do you want a teacher who you have a good relationship with? Questions like these are very important, because in the end, they will be the ones who determine whether you have passed this graduation requirement or not." -class of 2016

"The one thing I would advise about this Senior Exhibition project is to never give up, no matter how grim the situation may seem. Even if you ignore my advice and procrastinate, at least make the effort to finish the assignment, turn in some work and resolve to complete the next part of the exhibition on time. It is worth it to put work into your essay to truly become an expert in your topic so your presentation comes as a breeze. I know you can do it!" -class of 2016

"My advice to future Seniors of Oceana is to get things done long before the deadline because you start this project the first day of school so you must be prepared. Secondly, research your experts immediately before school starts and contact them the moment you are about to start the interview portion of your topic. Lastly, when you are going to present, have a bountiful amount of information ready because this is a 20 minute long presentation." -class of 2016

"A advice I would like to give someone who is doing Senior Exhibition in future that, it is a very long time and long process. You may get tired and mad at time but just hang in there. You will get over it and also pick a topic that interests you and will keep you interested because if you pick a topic that don’t interest you at all, then it will be pretty boring and you may even lose the little interest that you may have. Also make sure you get all your work on time and not miss any deadline because it can end up hurting you a lot." -class of 2016

"The most important advice to give to future seniors is work to the best of your ability. There will be a lot of deadlines you need to meet, especially the 8 am deadline. Also, you do not want to procrastinate! That is something I experienced personally throughout this process and it made my life more difficult. This is where organization comes in, you should keep all your drafts until Senior Ex is over. I wish I would have known to be more organized because it was really important when turning certain papers in for the final draft. Good luck future seniors!!" -class of 2016

"The most important thing I think about when looking back on my topic is that I was very glad I picked a topic that interested me. This project gets worked on all the time in humanities class as well as at home and I found that if you were not interested in your topic or had a connection with your topic then you struggled more. Even though the process is very long it is also very rewarding in the long run. Once finishing senior exhibition not only did I feel relieved but I felt like I had made a huge accomplishment. Overall, believe in yourself and do not get lazy, push through it!" -class of 2016

"The best advice that I can offer to those who will begin Senior Ex soon is to start early. Start during the summer and make sure that you pick a topic you know you will stick with. You do not want to switch topics in the middle of the school year. The earlier you grasp an understanding of your topic and essential question, the easier your essay will seem when it comes time to writing it. Especially on the Claim sections of the essay." -class of 2016

"For incoming seniors doing Senior Ex, the best piece of advice I can give you is to pick a topic that is interesting. Sure, the start of this process intrigued me as I was curious about this topic. However, there have been numerous times during my research where I had just stopped working because I couldn’t keep my motivation going. If you pick a topic that you know you can do for an entire year, it makes the process much more enjoyable. Instead of thinking about topics that are easy with lots of information, think about topics that interest you, but also have a lot of information." -class of 2016

"For incoming seniors doing Senior Ex, the best piece of advice I can give you is to pick a topic that is interesting. Sure, the start of this process intrigued me as I was curious about this topic. However, there have been numerous times during my research where I had just stopped working because I couldn’t keep my motivation going. If you pick a topic that you know you can do for an entire year, it makes the process much more enjoyable. Instead of thinking about topics that are easy with lots of information, think about topics that interest you, but also have a lot of information." -class of 2016

"Stay on track, don’t ever say to yourself “I’ll do it later” do it right when you get home.
Do not give up you are almost out of here.
Keep on going and be proud with yourself, if you fail or if you pass!
Make sure you ask any question to your mentor, no question is a dumb one."
     -class of 2016

"Really all you have to do is look at your assignment dates. Your assignments will show you everything that need to be turned in on time. One missed assignment can make your confidence go down. When that happens just make sure you turn it in fast enough so you can the points and go to the next assignment. Senior ex is hard, the only way to make it easier is how much work you put in. Always keep your head up, it’s going to be a difficult, stressed, and anxious time. Believe in yourself." -class of 2016

"The advice that I would give future seniors is that they need to keep up with all the deadlines and not leave any of the assignments for last minute. Always be ready with whatever you need when having a mentor meeting. Be well organized with everything. Also don't over think everything because then you will stress yourself out more than you need to. As long as you keep up with the deadlines and put your effort into it you will do great." -class of 2016

"Do not sweat this project at the end, if you fail you can just redo the presentation until you pass. It is not as stressful as it all seems, and as soon as it is over you are good to go. If you work really hard in the beginning, you will be just fine." -class of 2016

"The best advice I can give to upcoming Seniors is to never procrastinate. Stay on top of your work as much as possible, if you get your essay back right away start working on it and schedule a mentor meeting ASAP. The more work you do, the less stress you get. Also spend as much time with your mentor as possible, the more help and meetings you have will overall help in the long run." -class of 2016

"I would say to organize and do not wait until the few hours before an assignment is due to start. Do not slack off and if possible turn your essay in the day before. Health is just as important. Prioritize and do not ignore other school work. Get help when you need it. The whole project is done in parts, so it won’t be too stressful. Senior Ex is a challenge, but at the end of it, you will feel great. 👍 " -class of 2016

"What I wish that I had been told by previous students at Oceana and by the teachers is that this project is much easier than it is made out to be. I think that part of the point of the project is to see how well you work under imagined pressure. In reality, I had a much less stressful time doing this project than I had imagined because students and teachers had always worked it up into this huge process. I learned that truly the project was as any other, the only difference being that it was spread out over a much longer time period." -class of 2016
"The most important thing to do for Senior Ex is to talk to your mentor. They are there to help you, they know what is on the rubric for the paper and the presentation, and they will most likely know what they are doing. If you don’t want to talk to your mentor, talk to your friends’ mentor, most of them are willing to help anyone. Another piece of advice is to start looking for interviewees early. Not being able to find interviewees in time for the deadline is the most common reason why people lose points. I would also say that this is probably the most challenging part of the whole project. Also the most important thing future seniors should know is that this project is only as hard as you make it to be, and as long as you keep up with the work and deadlines there should be little to no problems." -LP, class of 2017

"The biggest piece of advice that I would give to incoming seniors is being focused. I feel that being focused is one of the key components of having a successful senior exhibition project because when you know what you’re doing and you set your mind to it, you can achieve it. Setting goals for yourself is a good way of staying focused and with focus comes determination. Be determined! There will definitely be obstacles along the way to distract and keep you away from working but do not let that get you away. Setting your priorities straight will make everything easier. Especially you upcoming seniors in extracurricular activities, being focused is a necessity." -AA, class of 2017

"The biggest advice that I can provide to future seniors is to NOT PROCRASTINATE. Almost all the seniors suffer from procrastination, so that's why is it very important to try and not to procrastinate so you don’t fall behind in the project and play catch up. If you don’t procrastinate, you will pass senior ex with ease." -PN, class of 2017

"The biggest piece of advice I would give to future seniors is to not procrastinate and to talk to your mentor and establish a communication method with them." -SM, class of 2017

"One piece of advice I would give to future seniors is that you should choose a topic that interests you, or else you will not do a good job on the project due to a lack of enjoyment. Also, staying up to date with all of the assignments and avoiding last minute work helps to create good quality work. Looking for interviews ahead of time is a good idea since waiting for responses can be stressful with the deadline to meet. It is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be! You can do it!" -DL, class of 2017

"Some pieces of advice that I will give is to always stay on top of your things. This project is challenging, but do not make it harder than it is by procrastinating because it will be the only thing that you are able to work on, meaning you will not be able to do homework for other classes if you are trying to stay up until four in the morning. If you find that your topic is not that controversial in the beginning of the year, DO NOT be afraid to change your topic! It is not as hard as it seems because I had to change my topic at the end of January, restart everything, and finish my essay by February 17. I had three weeks to perfect this one, giant, final draft (there were no first drafts for me in these three weeks). Just remember that your mentor and your humanities teacher are your best friends and they are there to help you. DO NOT choose a mentor that you do not have a good connection with because it will not get you far in your project. Just make sure you have your priorities in line and stick to them with all the assistance you can get." -DW, class of 2017

"Some advice I’d give to future seniors is this project isn’t as scary as it might seem to be. It may seem like such a big project because there's a 20 page paper and a 20 minute presentation but it is stretched out over a whole year. The way the project is designed, only parts of the paper are due at a time so it really is just a time management project. As long as you don’t procrastinate you should pass. Also not being afraid to ask your mentor or humanities teacher for help is key. They want you to pass so if you need help ask. Good luck seniors you got this!" -JG, class of 2017

"In all honesty, Senior Exhibition is not that bad. Some advice would be to choose the right topic for you and to choose a topic that is versatile, meaning that it has different issues within it. For example, choose a topic that has issues that pertain to the environment, health, economics, politics, or other issues. This way you never get bored and never run out of information/ things to research. The next piece of is to choose the right mentor. Try to pick teachers or staff that you are close and comfortable with, or maybe a teacher that can help you with your topic. For example, if your topic relates to the environment, maybe your best option is to have a science teacher as your mentor. Lastly, keep working even though you’re tired, and after deadlines try to reward yourself with something. For example, after deadlines, I would always hang out with my friends and do nothing all day just to get away from the stress of Senior Ex. Good Luck!" -JD, class of 2017

"The most fundamental piece of advice I want to give to upcoming seniors is to be passionate about your topic. If you aren’t passionate/interested about it, you’re going to get bored. If you get bored, then you’re going to have no motivation to get it done. So please, take your time and choose the right essential question suited for you. You’re going to be spending 10 months on this project, so don’t screw it up for yourself by choosing a topic that’s boring to you. The more interested you’re into it, the easier research and reading about your topic is going to be. Good luck!" -DC, class of 2017

"My biggest piece of advice is to just power through the project and stay on track. It’ll be very tough to hold motivation the entire process, but I advise you to just suck it up and keep going. Trust me, the project will go by very fast. Make sure you manage time efficiently and not procrastinate. Most importantly, DON’T forget to enjoy your senior year! To handle the stress of the project I hung out with friends a lot, just don’t overdo it. Whoever is reading this, you have my full support! Show them what you’re made of!" -JA, class of 2017

"My advice for upcoming seniors is to do the work. You will pass as long as you do the work and not give up. Constantly planning and organizing your work will be a great tool to help you especially when it comes to the final week of your paper when it’s due. Also if you think that Senior Ex will be your number one top priority of your senior year, think again. I also thought Senior Ex would’ve been my top priority in the beginning of senior year but then I started prioritizing other things because senioritis starts to take over and watch out for that." -class of 2016

"The biggest advice I would give to incoming seniors is to not get discouraged. There are going to be a lot of times where you feel like just giving up because it will be hard and stressful, but the best thing you can do is step away for a second and breathe. Try your best not to procrastinate, just take it a little bit at a time, and set goals for yourself. In the end it is one of the best feelings to finish something you worked so hard on, and you’ll be confident in everything you know by the time you step up to begin your presentation no matter how scary it seems. The best advice I could give is that the amount of effort you put into will really reflect in your paper and in your presentation, and you’ll feel more confident in the knowledge you have on your topic. You’ll be okay."             -class of 2016

"The main piece of advice I would give to future seniors is to manage your time wisely and do not procrastinate. You will thank yourself when other seniors are up until three in the morning pushing themselves to finish their 15 page paper before 8 AM deadlines the next morning, while you are getting much needed sleep. Future seniors should also pick a topic that they are genuinely interested in. Sincere interest in your topic will make the whole Senior Exhibition process much more pleasant. Last piece of advice, choose Mr. Weiss as a mentor." -class of 2016

"For the little babies out there: Whatever you do, do not procrastinate. That will literally save your life. If you get an assignment, as soon as you can, DO IT. Email at least 15 people for interviews ASAP. If you are told you need 2 more articles, you should have them already. Having like an extra 10 articles on your list to read is very good. As soon as a teacher is like “this is what you need to do” you should have your laptop open, doing it. Sleep is so so important, so in order to maintain sleeping, DO YOUR WORK ASAP." -class of 2016

"The biggest piece of advice I would give to incoming seniors is to be organized and to not wait until the last minute to do things. If you happen to procrastinate it would be harder and you would stay up later. If you do all the pieces of the senior exhibition that is broken up you would most likely be successful. Try to also chose a topic that happens to have a lot of research. When presenting take a deep breath then you should be ready." -class of 2016

"The biggest piece of advice I would give to incoming seniors is to be organized and to not wait until the last minute to do things. If you happen to procrastinate it would be harder and you would stay up later. If you do all the pieces of the senior exhibition that is broken up you would most likely be successful. Try to also chose a topic that happens to have a lot of research. When presenting take a deep breath then you should be ready." -class of 2016

"My advice to future seniors is to keep up with all your work because if you’re ever behind, you will mess up because you’re not going to catch up to the other seniors. I think checking on your Senior Ex calendar would be good because if you’re close to a deadline, then it will be good to look and check off once you’re done. Another advice is don’t slack off because if you the senior is not doing the project during the weekend, or weekday, then you the senior will not be pleased by your teachers. Don’t lose confidence if you’re having a struggle with your work because you have your teachers and your mentor to help you out with whatever you need help with, but remember there are other mentees that have the same mentor as you." -class of 2016

"The advice that I would give to future seniors is that you should not be afraid to ask for help and to also prioritize your time. Senior year is a very fun and stressful year, and if you do not evenly balance out your time then this project and other senior activities will overwhelm you. Also, do not over stress yourself about this project. I know it seems like a big deal because it is a graduation requirement, but think of all the deadlines as little assignments that results in one big presentation." -class of 2016

"The most important advice would be to always stay on top of your Senior Exhibition deadlines. Put in the best effort you can to every assignment because it will help, you will be on the right track doing so for the present and the future! Do not procrastinate because that will make you fall behind and you will have a harder time on senior ex than you need to. Ask questions, be on top of this project, focus on what needs to be done so not only do you pass Senior Ex, but get 3’s and 2’s on both essay rubric and presentation rubric. Senior Exhibition is an awesome experience to go through before leaving High School. It toughens you up and teaches you so many skills that you will keep throughout your lifetime. Value each day of Senior Exhibition, time flies by so the deadlines will be passing by 500mph and that is why again, I cannot stress enough how important it is to not procrastinate! Senior Ex is a challenge, but it is doable!" -class of 2016

"The one and only thing I recommend to future seniors is to not stress out on this project. There will be multiple drafts on pieces of the paper and you will get lots of feedback from your teacher, mentor, and peers. Even though this is a big project, you will have the support of those people to help you climb that mountain and reach to the top. Set yourself times each day where you add a paragraph or two to your paper, or read an article relating to your topic to reach your goal one step at a time. It is better to go slow and smooth than to rush everything last minute." -class of 2016

"The best advice I would give to next year’s seniors is to think about what you want your EQ to be thoroughly. Senior exhibition is a very long project with lots of due dates so it is important to not lose interest. Also when it comes to essay due dates do as much revision as possible because knowing you have all revisits and needing all ones to graduate is very scary and stressful. Overall do not push stuff off, and wait to the last minute, it is very easy to fall behind."           -class of 2016

"My advice to you future seniors is to always remember your deadlines. Every piece of this project is worth a lot of points. Missing one deadline will prevent you from dropping classes in your senior year and will drop your grade in humanities. What would have been nice for me to have kept in mind about this project is that REVISITS = NO WALKING ON STAGE. I passed of course, but I must warn you. There are three drafts for the essay - the December, January and February drafts. One revisit in the last draft (the February draft) prevents you from walking on stage. Failing the presentation once won’t prevent you from walking on stage. However, failing repeatedly with revisits will cost you the PRIVILEGE to walk on stage. NO REVISITS!!!!!" -class of 2016

"The important thing that all Seniors must do to gain success on a yearlong project like Senior Exhibition, is to always stay organized and keep track on hard deadlines. Doing so would give all Seniors self-confidence on what they are doing or researching, rather than being distracted from non-Senior work. Concentration is key, if Seniors lose concentration, progress on Senior Exhibition would lack effort." -class of 2016

"One piece of advice I would give to future seniors is to choose a topic you are really interested in, This project is very exhausting and it is hard to stay focused but if you have a topic you are interested in and passionate about it will make it easier. Another big piece of advice is to stay organized. There are a lot of different parts to Senior Exhibition but if you stay on top of all the work, it won't be too overwhelming. It is easy to fall behind but make sure to meet and stay focused on all the deadlines to make the process less overwhelming."     -class of 2016

"What I would advise to the future seniors is to pick a topic that is current or an international topic. This is to ensure the interest you have with this topic and to maintain the consistency. It is better to have a current topic because of the overflow of information that you will see when you research this topic. An international topic helps to keep the interest since there will be many sides to the arguments and it will keep you thinking on what side to go to." -class of 2016

"Some of the biggest advice I would have to and like to give to an incoming senior is not to procrastinate on your work. If you're going to do something do it right the first time. This will give you a better attitude about the work you have done but also the confidence in your work. Don’t let the deadlines scare you. Teachers give you the support and time you need to finish the work. If you wait till the last minute then your building more pressure on yourself, making you an unhappy person. Take some time out and make a schedule. Just don't make and ignore it, stay focus and stick to it, you got this!" -class of 2016

"Choose a topic that is modern and complete with both solid reasons and resources for both sides. I’ve had friends struggle with finding interviewees and even just reasons to support the opposing side of one opinion or another. Choose one you’re actually interested in. Choose a mentor that you work well with and always ask them for help. It doesn’t hurt to ask other teachers/staff that aren’t your mentor either. Always print out your essays before the day they are due. Ask for an extension if you think you won’t be able to make a deadline." -class of 2016

"Do not procrastinate. This goes for everything, but it is vital for this project. Procrastinating will only put you behind and once you are behind, it is very difficult to get back again. When considering the EQ, keep in mind on how exactly to get an interview about that topic because it may be more difficult. Also, managing your time wisely for every draft is very important. Make sure you work on it little by little everyday and most definitely do not do all of it the night before. Although it is possible to do it the night before, it will not help you at all with your grade at the end. Finally, the presentation is not hard at all. The only problem that may occur when presenting is not making time. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t make time." -class of 2016

"To incoming seniors: Do not be afraid to ask many, many experts for help. Interviews, which are clearly required to pass Senior Exhibition, are the bane of this project to many if they turn out to be shy. You may end up contacting over 25 or even over 50 people - however, you should not let this be enough for you to give up, especially if you have done too much to change topics. Keep looking - even the people who contacted 50+ experts eventually found someone to interview before it was too late. Stay determined; the most hopeless of circumstances might just end out fine." -class of 2016

"Please remember: have strong, specific evidence and information— especially if you have a Humanities teacher as your mentor, aha. (They will make you work!) You must make your arguments and analysis as credible and reliable as possible; the fact you use or quote must not be vague. Also, brevity and economy of language is key. Be concise when necessary and do not abuse words (ex: “utilize” vs. “use”). And once you have key information down in a “not-flowery-way,” that’s when you should consider sentence variety. (Lastly, if you do procrastinate and/or decide to pull an all-nighter—I probably shouldn’t say this but let’s be honest procrastination is inevitable—remember to stay hydrated and eat lots of fruits. And take breaks every half hour or so. gg good luck you’re almost there ^-^)" -class of 2016

"The biggest piece of advice I would give to incoming seniors is to stay on top of your work. All deadlines are crucial and you must meet them all. Sleep is also important, so procrastination, once you become a senior, is never your friend. Being tired all the time is not a good thing especially when you have to deal with a big project such as this one. Also, have confidence in yourself. Even if you can’t do a certain task, you just really need to change your mindset and fake it till you get to where you want to be. Don’t ever doubt yourself because you are capable of great things." -class of 2016

"The biggest piece of advice I would give would be to do your work when it is assigned. If you do most of the work initially, it makes keeping up with the deadlines much easier. I would also advise not to wait until the last minute to finish it. The class time they give you should also not be taken for granted. If you efficiently use your time at home and time in school, you will be able to do all the work without much of a problem. Being stressed is also unavoidable so be sure to give yourself a break when it is necessary." -class of 2016

"The main advice I would give is to never give up. Stay organized with all your work, and make the deadlines. Do not be discouraged if you get revisits or a one. To me senior ex was never about the score, but whether or not I pass. Be open and communicative with your mentor. Your mentor is there to support and guide you through this tedious process. If you feel like you need to take a day off from school to work on your paper, then don’t be afraid to do that as long as you get that paper done. Senior exhibition might seem overwhelming and intimidating, but trust me, it will be easy if you stay on top of everything. The teachers made it easy by breaking up the work into smaller chunks. Stay confident, and you will definitely pass." -class of 2016

"The biggest piece of advice I would give to incoming seniors is to choose a subject that you are passionate about. If you have a topic that you really enjoy, such as science, history, or human rights, then you will easily be able to choose a side of the controversy and you will be able to strongly defend the side that you agree with. If you feel strong about one side of the argument, not only will it be easier for you to write your essay, but you will also have an easier time presenting." -class of 2016

"The biggest advice i can give to the upcoming seniors would be to know your schedule. Not only is there a lot of work to do senior year but along with that a whole lot of new experiences to take part in. Make sure to work hard now so that later on throughout your year you'll have nothing to worry about." -class of 2016

"Honestly, the best piece of advice I can give you is to not procrastinate. That was my biggest enemy during this year-long project. You will just end up stressing yourself a lot more than you should and you will probably hate yourself for it. There is nothing you will hate more that trying to get your paper done in time, especially if it is a hard deadline. You are going to thank yourself if you divvy up your work a week or a couple days before the deadline. Other than that, organization is also really important and it will make things a lot easier for you." -class of 2016

"The advice I would give to the new seniors is that they should be diligent, stay organized and turn in everything on time. There are many deadlines along the way with this project so it helps to alleviate the workload, making the project much easier. When you complete each assignment on time, the work will not be as overwhelming. Always ask your mentor for advice because they are going to be a big help in your project." -class of 2016

"The biggest piece of advice I would give to incoming seniors is to choose a topic you are very interested in and a mentor you can work well with. Your experience with this project will be much more enjoyable if you’re engaged and comfortable with what you are researching and who you are working with. If you’re worried about procrastinating, working on your project only an hour a day is more than enough to keep you on top of every deadline. It’s also important to not take class time to work on your project for granted. Always work at your own pace, don’t let stress get to you, and do your absolute best."     -class of 2016

"Even though SE is a big part of graduating and is a year-long project, just remind yourself that IT IS DOABLE. It definitely won’t be easy, but as long as you work hard, communicate with your mentor, and stay on top of everything; you can pass. Take advantage of the times you’ll have to revise your paper even if the deadline is far away. Also, don’t be discouraged even if it seems difficult to attain the score you want. Communicate with your mentors and teachers, and they will definitely help you out. It’s your last year in high school! Just remind yourself that all your hard work will pay off in the end. You’ll do great." -class of 2016
"I could probably think of a few things that I would want all future seniors to remember. One, procrastinating is inevitable, but try your hardest to finish each essay by the deadline. Trust me, it will help you in the long run. Two, even if you don’t finish all required pages for the mini essays, turn it in still. You still have time to revise and lengthen your paper. And lastly, maintain a good relationship with your mentor and if you have ANY questions, whether you think it’s a simple question or not, ASK YOUR MENTOR. They are there to support you in any way, and if you happen to have a mentor that is super busy or doesn’t get back to you in time, ask your humanities teacher, or any teacher you have a comfortable relationship with. They will help." -SA, class of 2017

"Really put a lot of time into this project. Make sure to already do a lot of research during the summer break. Everything really comes by fast, so make sure that you are on top of your stuff. " -AH, class of 2017

"My advice to all the future seniors is to start early because time flies by really fast. If you are laying in bed and have that extra time on your hands make sure to use it wisely and get up and do not be lazy. You all should also make sure to let your mentor know anything you need help with because they are there to support you, they will not get annoyed with all your questions. Lastly, try your best and aim high, do not go for the minimum requirements." -KC, class of 2017

"I think that the project as a whole isn’t super hard as long as you stay on top of your deadlines. The hardest part of the project is definitely finding enough research, but if you have a topic that has a good amount of information, then you’re already set. If you’re able to focus on a topic without procrastinating, then you honestly have nothing to worry about." -NM, class of 2017
"Don’t underestimate the fact that you do parts of the essay at different points. It’s going to be incredibly long at the end, so it’s important to remember that the work you get is still work. Don’t put it off until it’s a few days due even if you have lab time. Try to finish the assignment a week before hand and use the lab time to review and polish it." -VN, class of 2017

"The main advice I want to tell future seniors would be to manage your time well. As you begin your project, you will be thrown in sea full of deadlines that you have to complete step by step. I say that it is best to make the project a priority so you will not stress about it so much through the process. If you complete the work on time with the best of your abilities, then the project should be doable and it will not be overbearing. You’ll be able to do other activities as well, if you complete the assignment on time. Overall, keep track on assignments and do give yourself a break because the process can be very overwhelming. However, do not put the project as the last assignment of the day because it is easy to fall behind. Good Luck!" -ME, class of 2017

"Some advice I would give to the future seniors is to stay organized and to manage your time! These skills work hand in hand and will make your life easier when working on Senior Exhibition. Staying organized will help with all the periodical deadlines throughout the project. If you are managing your time wisely, you will help keep your stress levels at a minimum. Also, before turning in your essays, make sure you read through your paper to make sure there are no mistakes that spell check did not catch. Good luck!" -AD, class of 2017

"It’s not that hard guys. It really isn’t just don’t trip. The reason you see people up at 2 a.m. is because they are too busy tweeting about being up at 2 a.m. rather than doing the project." -MC, class of 2017

"Biggest advice I would give to all seniors is to never procrastinate. Always be organized and make this project as a priority. The amount of work may be overwhelming but if you put all the time and effort into it. Always meet up with your mentor if you're confused, communicate with them always so you know what you could do to pass." -AC, class of 2017

"Even if I say this I know that everyone will do it anyway, but the biggest advice I can give to incoming seniors is to not procrastinate on Senior Exhibition. Please, I cannot emphasize this enough. There are many deadlines you must meet in this project, and it is difficult to fall behind because the workload will stack up and will add unnecessary stress on you. Communication with your mentor is also highly important. If you are stuck and in need of assistance, do not be afraid to ask your mentor (and your humanities teachers as well!). They are there to help and support you, so use the resources available to you. Senior Exhibition might seem tedious and difficult, but do not be intimidated by it. With the three years of foundation given to you, it is not as difficult as you think. Good luck Senior! ♥" -AD, class of 2017

"Do not procrastinate and slack off because you will end up regretting it. Your essay will be terrible because you had to quickly write it. Also your mentor will be upset with you. If you do not procrastinate and do your work, the less stress you have and your life is five times better. Always do your work." - SC, class of 2017

"I can give you ladies and gents so much advice about this project. Many of the things I cannot put into words. All in all, the most important thing I can leave you with is to not stop trying and always have the drive to finish every assignment with everything you have. I had all revisits on my first draft and that killed me because I am not a bad writer. It definitely sucked. There's no other way to say it but with the help of my mentor and humanities teacher, they both told me that this doesn't mean to stop, but it means to keep trying. I kept trying and put together a great paper that I feel killed it in all aspects. So don't stop trying when this project gets tough because it'll hurt you in the long run and also meet with other teachers. The more help you have the easier it will be. “You can't fight an army by yourself”." -class of 2016

"The biggest piece of advice I would give to incoming seniors is to not get overwhelmed, don’t stress, stay diligent, be sure you know what you’re doing and most importantly have a positive mindset, because if you follow all these tips, you’ll do an amazing job on this exhibition and you’ll pass with flying colors." -class of 2016

"The biggest piece of advice I would give to incoming seniors is to start working on your task as soon as you can and to get it completed as soon as possible. This will allow you to stay focused and able to effectively meet each important deadline. Meeting each deadline is very important so that you can receive the most amount of points and reduce any stress that you would have had from procrastinating and doing a task last minute. An important thing to remember is that this project is given to us with good intentions on building and strengthening each students skills to use in the future. Also, make sure to effectively communicate with your mentor. Most importantly, remember that you can do anything you set your mind to! Stay Strong!" -class of 2016

"The biggest piece of advice I would give to incoming seniors is to keep talking to your mentor. There might be parts of this project that seem too big or too confusing. But the reason your mentor is there is to help you work through these difficult parts. Your mentor might also know people that you could interview or websites that you can visit to find more information. I think that many seniors forget that their mentors can have connections to experts that someone could interview. If you talk to your mentor they could also better understand what you need help with." -class of 2016

"A fifteen page essay and a twenty minute presentation may seem scary, but it’s honestly not that bad as long as you stay on top of deadlines. Believe me, it’s really easy to fall behind. If you actually keep up with the dates, you’ll find that it’s actually fairly easy to write a fifteen page essay about a topic that you find interesting. Also, the presentation is surprisingly the easiest part of the project, in my opinion. Overall, the most important piece of advice is to just stay organized, choose a mentor you are comfortable with, and keep a positive attitude. Completing this project is probably one of the best feelings ever. You got this!!" -class of 2016

"Throughout the senior exhibition project, there were times it became difficult to complete the assignments that were given. In order to not fall behind and not stress as much it is important to not procrastinate. When you leave something for last minute it is difficult to complete the assignment completely and it will make it difficult to finish the other assignments that are coming since they all depend on each other to complete the next assignment. Not only is it important to not procrastinate, but it's important to make sure to listen to all of your mentors comments because they know what will help you complete your assignments and make everything better. Lastly, but of course there is a lot more advice make sure to practice your presentation. It's important to practice your notecards with the visuals and practicing in front of family members and friends helps." -class of 2016

"The main advice that I will give to all of you seniors is to always add changes to your rough drafts! It may feel like it does not help, but it really shows your mentors that you really care about passing high school! Always aim high! If you get 2’s, aim for 3’s on your rubric. You will feel less stressed out when all you need to change is grammatical errors. Pick a mentor that you can easily bond with. Someone who knows you and knows your potential. Rest easy, It will be okay! I passed, now so can you!" -class of 2016

"The biggest piece of advice I would give to incoming seniors is to stay organized and prepared. The deadlines often feel further than they are. It is incredibly important to plan out your project mostly according to your personal schedule which often times means sacrificing free time. It is very easy to fall behind especially if you are taking other challenging classes that assign a lot of homework. You will feel best if you consistently work on the project instead of cram it in. Also, make sure you practice your presentation as many times as possible because you will feel confident instead of nervous on presentation day." -class of 2016

"The biggest advice I would give to incoming seniors is to stay focused and organized. I promised you, it would make your life a lot easier. There is a lot of deadlines that come with this project and one of them is the 8am deadline but if you stay focused, you will not be behind and would turn your stuff early. Do not procrastinate ever! You would be easy to fall behind. Keep up with the work and at the end you will find yourself in an easy position and have a strong paper and presentation." -class of 2016

"For the incoming seniors, my first advice would be to start finding your interviews before school starts because once school starts, if you don’t have your interviews, you will start to fall behind. My second advice for the incoming seniors would be to make sure you are on top of your schedule which means don’t sleep during class and make sure you do all the work, even when it comes to the essays because the essays are worth more points which means that it can really bump up your grade up because once school starts, if you are not on top of things, you will start to fall behind and lose focus. My last advice that i have would be that if you are nervous about the presentation part, practice, practice and practice and also join taiko. I know that this is off topic about senior exhibition but taiko is a japanese drumming and sort of like martial arts and for me, i’ve been playing taiko for about 4 years now with a group called SF Taiko and the reason why I joined taiko was not just because of more discipline and also stress relief but it was because so that i can overcome my shyness during my presentation. That is why for the incoming seniors who feel really nervous about the presentation part of this project, then join taiko!!!!" -class of 2016

"My advice to the incoming Seniors is to find a topic you are very interested in. The more interest you have, the harder you will work. Also try not to procrastinate within “small deadlines,” because all deadlines are hard deadlines, and every point counts. Procrastination happens throughout high school and in life, but if you are trying to stay away from that problem, get a head start and ask for help from your mentor and teachers. This project will prepare you for college and make every paper, or every presentation you give easy. Good luck Seniors!!"  -class of 2016

"The main thing is to manage your time wisely. Do not spend the whole day working on senior ex because you will get overwhelmed really easily and the stress will start to get to you a lot faster. That being said, do not put everything off until the last minute because you will just end up throwing stuff that you don’t even think is good together and turning it in to your mentor. Then you’ll end up having to make a lot more edits than you originally had. Just take your time and when it comes to the presentation, practice, practice, practice. But don’t over practice because then you’ll get stressed out." -class of 2016

"The biggest piece of advice I would give to incoming seniors is to not procrastinate. It always seems like there is enough time to complete everything, but there is not! Make sure not to put anything off because you never know what will come up in your other classes or life. To do your best quality work, don’t try to squeeze it all in on the day before. Also, make changes immediately because sometimes you may not understand your mentor’s changes and need to track them down. Lastly, always appreciate your mentor and thank them for all their help!!" -class of 2016

"A piece of advice I would give to incoming seniors is to stay on task. I worked on my essay and powerpoint revisions whenever I could and as early as possible. This really helped me with the deadlines. Also, communicate with your mentor as much as possible. They are the ones evaluating most of your work, so you want to make sure you covered their comments and get a passing score. Be positive that the topic you want to do is actually interesting to you, and have no knowledge on, because it will help you collect information easier. Good luck." -class of 2016

"The biggest piece of advice I would give to incoming seniors is to approach Senior Exhibition piece by piece and not think about it as a whole. With all the time provided, completing the project step by step makes the project a lot easier than many think. However, procrastinating and not keeping track of your tasks will set you back far behind and ruin your momentum. Also, remember you are not alone! Mentors, teachers, and fellow peers are available to help meaning you wont be tackling this challenge alone." -class of 2016

"My biggest advice is don’t slack off, even if the deadline seems far away there are many deadlines and if you do it last minute (1-3 days before the due date) the work will be overwhelming. Follow the rubric as much as you can and always ask questions. If you’re thinking about transferring, don’t push the senior ex aside until you’re actually transferred. Always have backup (usb drive, dropbox, google drive, microsoft word). Google Drive isn’t always reliable just like now from a day ago it deleted my work, but it’s great for mentor editing and commentary. Good luck, take my advice and you’ll do fine." -class of 2016

"The biggest piece of advice I would give to incoming seniors is to stay organized and choose your mentor wisely . There are many deadlines along the way with this project, so I recommend dedicating a lot your time into this project and use your time wisely. If you start to fall behind on the paper, there’s a possibility where you might not even graduate on stage so stay productive! You get a lot of lab time in class, so take advantage of it so you won’t have to work on it at home and procrastinate." -class of 2016

"My most useful piece of advice to offer the upcoming seniors is to get comfortable with this project. Yes it will be long, and yes the process will be tedious, but you need to embrace it for what it is because that aspect of the exhibition will never change. Learn to be comfortable in all aspects of the project, whether it be speaking to the audience during a presentation or dealing with the long hours of the actual work and progressing through the project. Get comfortable with all of that, because in the end both you and your topic are in it for the long haul." -class of 2016

"The biggest piece of advice I would give to incoming seniors is to stay task and try to not procrastinate. There are many deadlines along the way with this project, and if you complete each of them on time the work is doable and will not be overwhelming. However, if you do give in and allow yourself to start procrastinating, there will be many sleepless nights. Speaking from experience, I’ve always done my most of my work last minute and you can still get a good grade on the work. Just make sure you don’t do an all nighter before the 8 am deadlines, that will mess you up. Make sure to stock up on coffee and tea and good luck on your journey! May the force be with you..." -class of 2016

"What I would want to tell future seniors is that if you keep up with all the deadlines and don’t fall behind it is all possible. It feels very good when everything comes together." -class of 2016

"Advice that I have for incoming seniors is, to make sure to give it your all the first time you complete an assignment. If you rush it or don’t give it much thought, you’ll be spending more time in the long run trying to fix everything. Another piece of advice I have is to do what you think is best. I could tell someone one hundred times to not procrastinate, but if you really don’t want to listen to the advice, you won’t. So, do what you think would be best. You can always learn from your mistakes. It’s that harder way but it can be effective."      -class of 2016

"The advice I would give to future seniors is to stay on top of all the assignments that are given. Throughout the whole senior ex project, there are going to be multiple deadlines that are crucial for a person to pass. I would also say that rereading the essay when completed would be very helpful, because a lot of times people miss minor mistakes, and could be docked for it. If you feel like your paper is strong, then when you do your presentation, it will show."       -class of 2016

"The most important tip I have for the future seniors is to pick a topic you would want to learn more about. There are many deadlines that come with this project so do not allow yourself to start procrastinating and do not keep track of your tasks, it’s easy to fall behind. Keep up with deadlines and have mentor meeting occasionally. Also keep an organized binder. You can do it!" -class of 2016

"The biggest advice is to not slack off and to not be lazy in your work. Put in the time and effort into your paper and presentation and you will succeed. Don’t give up and don’t lose hope. There is a lot of trouble that happens but be strong and work hard to overcome it. Never put any part off to the last minute because you are going to struggle in the end and would be really hard for you to do the future parts of this project. It is worth a lot so don’t slack off." -class of 2016

"Do not, I repeat, do not wait to do all your essay revisions on the last draft. Turn in your work the way it is laid out; it’s broken down that way to help you, not make you do extra work for a longer period of time. Lastly, don’t stress about your presentation as much as the paper. If you turn in all your work on time, and don’t procrastinate, you won’t have any stress at all. Twenty minutes seems like a lot, but when you’re presenting, it feels like nothing. In all honesty, I was disappointed in how I felt after I found out I passed because I knew I was going to, because I practiced and was confident. Lastly, take presentation practice seriously, it helps more than you might think in the moment." -class of 2016

"My advice is that pick a topic you have interest in and passionate about. Do not stress yourself at, and keep a positive outlook, even though you might doubt yourself. Keep in mind that you will be around other students who might be experiencing the same amount of stress and help each other out. Before presentation day, make sure you have good note cards and practice about three times a week. I wish I had known how much time and effort actually goes into Senior Exhibition."  -class of 2016

"The biggest piece of advice I would give to incoming seniors is to stay on top of your work because procrastination will hurt in the long run. As long as you have confidence the procrastination level will be very low within the last few weeks before the day of presentation. Although one may have a lot of priorities, adding one for school will not hurt to grow one's mind. Being a senior wont be as hard as long as you get done all of your work and stay on top of due dates. Make sure that if you fall behind, to always still talk to your teacher no matter what they say about late turn ins." -class of 2016

"The biggest piece of advice I would give to incoming seniors is to stay organized, be patient, and have fun. There are many deadlines with this project, and if you complete each of them on time to the best of your ability the work is not too overwhelming. If you stay patient and take everything calmly the project will be over sooner than you will know. You have to have fun though because this project will drive you crazy so just, keep up with the assigned work. You will be confident and your presentation will show it. You will not be stressed and your presentation will be flawless." -class of 2016

"One of the most important things for incoming seniors that want to pass their senior ex is to communicate with their mentors. The mentor is the one that ultimately decides what is good enough to pass so it is good to get a feel for what they expect from you." -class of 2016

"The best advice I can personally give to an incoming senior is to not take on the label or status of a senior too seriously. Work hard in class but don’t take like life too seriously, it’s your last year in high school. The school year is going to fly by really fast, senior ex is going to make it seem longer but you’ll get through it. Never give up." -class of 2016