Mountain Area Young Writers Conference
April 19, 2018, 6 - 8:30 pm
@ Marshdale Elementary
26663 N. Turkey Creek Rd., Evergreen, CO 80439

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Please contact tschuch@jeffco.k12.co.us if you wish to register. 
Keynote Speakers, 
Authors: Sara Miller and Pat Toole


Parent Sessions:

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Mishele Carroll

Presentation Title: "Developing Executive Function Skills at Home"

Presentation Description: Executive Function skills are essential for learning and development and enable us to focus attention, prioritize tasks, achieve goals, and control impulses.  Strategies for developing executive function skills at home, including establishing routines, managine time, and completing tasks will be shared.

Mishele Carroll is a psychologist at Bergen Meadow Elementary and Parmalee Elementary. 


Tiffany Clark

Presentation Title: "Sensory Fun: Activities to do at Home"

Presentation Description: This presentation will be reviewing signs of poor sensory processing in children and providing fun activities that you can do at home to help your child's sensory processing development.

Tiffany Clark is an occupational therapist here in the Evergreen area.  For the past 11 years, she has worked in private Sensory Integration clinics, a private school for children with autism, and public schools in California and Colorado.  She has advanced training in Sensory Integration Therapy.


Barb Grindle

Presentation Title: "My Child is a Digital Native; So What Does That Mean?"

Presentation Description: Current elementary students have never lived in a world without computers.  The way they interact with the world is very different from what parents have experienced. Knowing that, how do we communicate and help our children to thrive in this fast-paced, ever changing environment?

Barbara Grindle is a third grade teacher at Marshdale Elementary. She is also the GT Liaison, STEAM club facilitator and a Discovery Educator Network Star.  Her passions are depression era glassware, stained glass and reading. Her son was recently married in Kathmandu and Barb traveled Nepal and India.  Be sure to ask about the cobra!  


Holly Karford

Presentation Title: “Schoology for Parents

Presentation Description: Are your kids using Schoology and you have no idea what they are doing?  Have you heard that the middle school is expecting you to check your child's grades in Schoology?  Get a crash-course in Schoology and how our schools use it!

Holly Karford is a 5th grade teacher at Wilmot Elementary. She has piloted a 1:1 device program for 2 different schools and is skilled in the integration of technology in the classroom. This course will focus on Schoology (used by all elementary schools, EMS and EHS). Parents get a preview into how their students are using Schoology in the classroom as well as how the parents can utilize their accounts to stay informed and connected to their child's learning.


Reid Carlberg

Presentation Title: "Young Writers, Young Coders"

Presentation Description: Programmatic thinking is a critical skill and it's more accessible today than ever.  Join this session for an overview of opportunities specificially designed to help young people develop this skill. We'll cover a variety of topics, including code, drag and drop, embedded devices, and a whole lot more.

Reid Carlberg is a long time software engineer whose day-to-day job is helping people around the world understand how they can learn and harness a very broad technical platform that includes capabilities around artificial intelligence, internet of things, custom application development and a great deal more. Reid and his wife, Jodi, live in Evergreen with their children Phineas and Lucile and dogs Kai and Paxton.


Kym Shaffner

Presentation Title: “Smart Food=Smart, Well-behaved Kids

Presentation Description: Is your child's brain working at it's optimum level? You will learn exactly which foods are important for brain health and function. You will leave with plenty of resources and ways to improve your child's behavior and learning immediately!

Kym Shaffner is a retired elementary teacher from Wilmot! She became a student of nutrition when her own daughter suffered with dyslexia and depression. She is a beginning blogger sharing this information with a wider audience. Visit her at GoodnessGrandma.com.


Robert Topp

Presentation Title: "The Importance of Reading Aloud to Our Children"

Presentation Description: My goal is to help make your child’s reading experience and your shared reading aloud experience the most enjoyable it can be with an emphasis on discovery. My website will help you find an incredible world of books to share with your children. Some of the sites will be award sites, with books chosen by committee while some of the sites will be child driven – no adults allowed!

Bob Topp is the owner of the Hermitage Bookshop in Cherry Creek and provides a website with resources for teachers and parents, Read Me A Story Ink.