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News from the Athletics Director

Our neighborhood high schools should represent a place of pride for a community because it gives its community a commonality. Something that everyone can identify with, can gravitate to and support. Wheat Ridge High School, has traditionally represented a neighborhood high school that has been greatly supported and truly represents the value of community. Moreover, I have observed that more than anywhere else I have ever worked, graduates of Wheat Ridge High School come back to work at Wheat Ridge High School and graduates want their own children to graduate from Wheat Ridge High School. Everyone within the City of Wheat Ridge genuinely are invested in the success of Wheat Ridge High School. It is for these reasons, Wheat Ridge High School is a great community school and more than anything, it is important to keep the “Tradition of the Farmer Community,” going. 

I would encourage our parents to continue to let their students struggle, to trust those adults that are working with them, and let the student-athlete learn the great life lessons that sports can teach them. The fact is that we will win some contests and we will lose some, but learning to accept the outcome and work on helping your student get better in whatever they are trying to succeed in is of utmost value. Additionally, I would ask our current student-athletes to recognize that they are the most visible group on campus and abroad, so it is critical that they represent themselves in a manner that directly reflect the, “Farmer Community” and what that stands for. 

I would explicitly like to ask our student-athletes and those students that are involved in activities to look around within the walls of our building and encourage as many of their peers as possible to get involved with some extracurricular activity that Wheat Ridge has to offer. Help those Farmers that may not have a group to associate themselves with, to have a venue or an additional group to connect them to our Farmer Community. This will help Wheat Ridge to continue its strong Traditions at school and the community at large. This will make our school even more successful in every aspect: A true Wheat Ridge Farmer, outstanding in our field!

Lastly, I would ask that we try to be an example to all fans that we will be competing against this year. I would hope that every person that witnesses a Wheat Ridge Farmer Fan would see the ultimate example of class, enthusiasm and positive attitude. At the very least, our athletes and coaches deserve that from all of us. They would be so proud to hear from other school’s supporters that they wished their fans were like ours. It is critical for our athletes and coaches to hear and feel that we are behind them, win or lose. The administration of Wheat Ridge High School expect our Fans to be THE example of positive sportsmanship because that is what the Farmer Community represents.

 Support your kids…..

 Support our teams….

 Support the Farmer Community……



Jeremy Cheuvront

Wheat Ridge High School

Assistant Principal and Athletic Director