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Video Lessons

Flute Videos

Flute Care and Maintenance    Cleaning the Flute   How to Hold Your Flute   Sound Production on the Flute    Sound Production Part 2

Oboe Videos

Oboe Warm-up  Oboe Articulation  Rolling the 1/2 hole key

Clarinet Videos

Clarinet Basics: Breathing, Holding, Playing   Clarinet Care and Maintenance   Taking Care of the Clarinet  Blowing Through the Clarinet   Playing Notes and Tonguing on Clarinet

Saxophone Videos

Breathing for the Saxophone   Care and Maintenance for Saxophone   Holding the Saxophone   Saxophone Posture    Saxophone First Notes    Tips for Low Notes    Tonguing on Sax   Sax Reeds 101

Trumpet Videos

Cleaning The Trumpet   Cleaning the Trumpet part 2   Cleaning the Trumpet part 3   Cleaning Trumpet Valves  Greasing the Trumpet Slides    Oiling the Valves   Trumpet Lesson #1–Air and Embouchure    Trumpet Lesson #2-Articulation   Trumpet Lesson #3–Basic Blowing    Trumpet Lesson #4–Range and Endurance   Trumpet Lesson #5–The Warm-up   Lesson #6–Warm Down   Trumpet Lesson # 7–Equipment    Trumpet Lesson #8–Daily Routine   Trumpet Lesson #9–How to Practice

French Horn Videos

French Horn Embouchure   Changing Pitches with your Embouchure   Greasing the French Horn Slides   Holding the French Horn   Adjusting Intonation with Your Hand   Adjusting Intonation by adjusting the Slides   Using Correct Mouthpiece Pressure   Oiling the Rotary Valves   Note Accuracy on Horn   French Horn Training Methods/Practice Tips

 Trombone Videos

Trombone Slide Cleaning   Cleaning the Brass Instrument   Cleaning The Brass Instrument Part 2   Cleaning the Tuning Slides (not the slide you play with)   You can also watch videos on lip fundamentals/embouchure/articulations/buzzing/ etc. in the Trumpet video section.  Those videos are designed for all brass instruments.

Baritone/Euphonium/Tuba Videos

Tuning Slide Greasing   Look at the Trumpet and Trombone video sections for videos on Euphonium (baritone) maintenance

Percussion Videos

Bass Drum Lesson    Crash Cymbal Lesson    Keyboard Percussion Part 1    Marimba Grip (4 Mallets)    Snare Drum Lesson 1    Snare Drum Lesson 2 (Accents)   Snare Drum Lesson 3 (Flams, Drags, Ruffs)   Timpani Lesson    Triangle Lesson 1   Triangle and Tambourine Lesson   Vibraphone and Bells Lesson    GREAT SITE FOR LESSONS IS THE VIC FIRTH EDUCATION WEBSITE