Beginning Band

Welcome Prospective Instrumental Music Students and Parents!

The Music Department at your school is offering band and orchestra classes to 5th and 6th grade students!   No prior knowledge of instruments or music reading is required to enroll and there is no charge for the classes.   Band/Orchestra will meet for one half-hour, two times a week for the whole year.  Classes will begin the week of September 5th.



The woodwinds make up 48% of the band. The instruments taught are: flute, clarinet, and alto saxophone.  All of these instruments except the flute require the periodic purchase of reeds.  These reeds are quite fragile so they must be handled with care.  Their average cost is about $2.00 and most students keep about four of them on hand at all times.


The brass instruments also make up 48% of the band. The instruments taught are trumpet and trombone.  Currently, there is a high demand for students to play Trombone.!


The percussion instruments make up the remaining 4% of the band. Since there are so few needed in a Concert Band, the competition to play these instruments is quite high. All percussionist will be required not only to perform rhythms on drums, but must be able to proficiently read and demonstrate musical notation on bells as well. Those who wish to play percussion are required to first play either a woodwind or brass instrument for one full year. At the end of that time, there will be auditions and student interviews for those few who will be selected to become a part of the percussion section. 


As you have seen and heard instruments played in music class, on T.V. and radio, at live concerts, and by the school band, you have probably developed an idea as to what you would like to play.  Desire to play is of prime importance in your selection.  However, certain physical statures need to be considered in choosing the proper instrument.  

Following a special assembly demonstrating the various instruments, you will need to fill out the Instrument Choice Form with your decision of which instrument you may wish to play.  You are required to return this form to your classroom teacher by the date specified on the form.  After that, the instructor will begin letting you try out the instrument of your choice.


The best way to obtain your instrument is by renting one from a music store.  Most stores rent brand new instruments for about $25.00 and up per month and the rental fee may also be applied to the purchase of the instrument. Many good used instruments are available.  Any used instruments other than those from music stores should first be examined to make sure they are in playable condition.  A poor quality instrument can discourage a beginning student quite quickly.  Don’t let this happen to your child !

                                                          (These are just of few of the many reputable music stores in your area)


                   1.  Flesher- Hinton Music, 5890 W. 44th Ave., Wheat Ridge, CO  303-433-8891

                   2.  Golden Music Center, 10395 W. Colfax, Lakewood, CO  303-279-1111

                                                       3.  Kolacny Music, 1900 South Broadway, Denver, CO  303-722-6081

                   4.  Music and Arts Centers, 7350 W. 88th Ave., Westminster, CO 303-427-0601                                                                                                                                                                                                     

                                                                           (Or any other Qualified Music Store)


A limited number of school-owned instruments are available for use at a fee of $62.50 per semester ($125 for the year).  This fee is not charged to students who are on the free / reduced lunch program.  Please do not send money for instrument rental until your child brings home their rental agreement.  Instruments are few in number and are given out on a first come, first served basis.  Therefore, just because a student is in the free / Reduced lunch program does not guarantee that he/she will receive a school owned instrument

Band will meet for one half-hour, two times a week for the whole year.  Classes will begin the week of September 5th.  The time schedule for band will be posted in each classroom.  It is the Student’s Responsibility to know when band meets and to be there on his/her own at the proper time. Don't be Late !


Band will meet for one half-hour, two times a week for the whole year. The time schedule for band should be posted in each classroom.  It is the Student’s Responsibility to know when band meets and to arrive on time. Being late will greatly affect your grade !

Band class meets during some other school activity.  You will be required to make up any work you may have missed while you are away at band.  This means being a member of the band is an added responsibility.  Practice hard and you will be guaranteed to always enjoy the class.


Band is a regular class that has a progress report sent home at each reporting period.  Progress is marked according to attendance, skill, growth, improvements, and class attitude.  Band can be a lot of fun IF you attend class, do your assignment and practice on a regular schedule.


Return the information blank, to your classroom teacher as soon as possible.

If you are having a difficult time deciding on an instrument, or if you have any other questions concerning the Band Program please feel free to email me at:

We hope to see you, with a shiny new instrument.  I am sure you will never enjoy anything more than being a member of the band.





Aug 6, 2012, 2:50 PM