Advanced Band

Welcome Back

Dear Parents and Students,

          We are very excited for the start of the 2012-2012 school year, and would like to take this opportunity welcome you back to the instrumental music program.  Music can provide students with a wealth of opportunities and benefits;

 Help in developing critical thinking, creative problem solving, communication, team work and many more skills important in a 21st century workforce.

Music keeps students engaged in school and less likely to drop out

 Improves the atmosphere for learning

 Helps students achieve in other academic subjects such as math, science and reading

 Helping communities share ideas and values among cultures and generations

At the final concert last year your child received a certificate for completing their beginning year. The next step in their musical journey is to participate in this year’s advanced classes. These classes will provide an opportunity for students to improve on their skills and perform more complex music.

Advance Band and Orchestra is Fun!

·         Pick of the best instruments

·         Awesome T-shirt

·         Celebration of Music Field Trip

·         You get to play the “cool” music

Please review the Instrumental Music Contract and return on or before your student’s first class. Advanced classes will begin the week of September 3rd. You can check with your classroom teacher for the exact starting date.  School instrument rentals will also be taken care of at that time.

 Any questions or concerns please call

Christina Riedl 303-982-8346

Steve Franklin 303-982-1863

Joesph Musick 303-982-0399

Aug 6, 2012, 2:53 PM