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We are so excited to welcome you to a new school year and our classrooms.

Each day we have the chance to create relationships with some amazing kids.  Every challenge met, every smile shared and sometimes tears that are shed, are priceless memories that are precious to us.

Sixth grade brings on many new challenges and experiences for our students.  They are seen as the leaders of the school and are held in high esteem.  For some, this is a chance to show all they are but for others, this can be a bit overwhelming.  These years are also important as students develop increased independence and even more self awareness.  As their teachers we will help push and guide them to achieve new goals and challenge themselves at every turn.  We are excited to share this experience with them and you!

During the year, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  Email tends to be the best due to our busy schedule but voice mail works too.

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Class Schedule

Monday - Thursday
8:50                Morning Meeting
9:10                 Math
9:45                Specials
10:30               Math (continued)
11:00               Block I – Social Studies Mrs. Taylor's class
12:30               Lunch/Recess
1:10                  6th Grade Jobs/QUIET independent work or reading time/Goal Conferencing
1:30                 Independent reading time
1:40                 Block II – Social Studies with my homeroom                     
3:00                Wrap-up
3:35                 Dismissal

8:50                Morning Meeting
9:00                Special projects (varied)
9:45                Specials
10:30               PBL - Communication
12:30               Lunch/Recess
1:10                  Extra recess Earned
1:30                 Math Extention/Goal      Conferencing
2:30                 Book Clubs/Ind. Reading (alternating weeks)
3:00                Wrap-up
3:35                 Dismissal

Class Calendar

Witt Sixth Grade

Parents and students are highly encouraged to download and register for the Remind app for future updates and reminders. If you need information, please contact your homeroom teacher.