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Research and Other Stuff

 Subject Grade Level
AskKids AnswersResearch 2-6Type in a question and this site will try to find you an answer - NOT FOR FORMAL RESEARCH
42ExploreResearch 1-6A search engine designed to help with research
Dewey Decimal TourResearch 4-6A multimedia presentation of the Dewey Decimal System (select "take the multimedia tour")
SkillswiseAcademic 5-6English & math help (created for adults)
SebranAcademic    K-2A favorite free downloadable program for learning letters and numbers (available in multiple languages)
Kids InfoResearch K-6Resources for homework help and research
EasyBibResearch 4-12Tool for creating bibliography - requires login
StudyZoneTest Prep K-12   Lessons, practice activities, teacher resources, tutorials
Grade Level Skills HelpAcademic K-8Choose grade and subject. Then links to other sites that correspond.
Virginia State Test PrepTest Prep 3, 5, 8Students complete interactive quizzes on science, math, and technology topics
Sail On websites Academic K-12A huge collection of all sorts of educational websites
Bite Size Academic K-6Collection of educational games and activities
Headsprout Mousing Around Technology K-1Game that teaches basic mouse skills
Butterfly Wing Matching Patterns K-1 Match butterfly wings
More or Less Comparing K-1Understanding concept of more and less
Learning Games for Kids Academic K-8 All kinds of educational games
 Khan Academy Academic K-adult Videos, exercises and tutorials
 ABC-ya Map Game Geography K-2 Play a map game
 Arthur - Go George, Go! Geography k-2 Help George deliver ice cream

 PARCC Practice Tests Test Prep K-6 Practice PARC tests