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In the event of weather conditions that have left the 100 mile club "track" covered with significant amounts of snow, ice, or mud; it will be considered a Blue Flag Day for 100 Mile Club and it will be cancelled. On these days, there will be a Blue Flag hung by 7:50 am in the back of the school near the basketball courts where 100 Mile Club meets. Please remember that there will be no adult supervision around the building on Blue Flag Days and that 100 Mile Club does not take place on days that the temperature is under 20 degrees or when it is raining/snowing. 


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What should I do with my purple sticks?
Your classroom teacher will collect the PURPLE sticks from you sometime during the week. Your miles will be logged then.

What about Blue Flag Day?
There will be NO 100 mile club on Blue Flag Days.

Where else can I track miles?
Only at school during the mornings.

Let's Get Started!

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Welcome to 100 mile club! Here is how it works...

Show up to the basketball court between 8 - 8:20 every morning to walk or run.

Collect 8 green stick and you can trade in for 1 purple....Congratulations! That's 1 mile!

Collect 99 more purple sticks and you will have reached 100 miles :)

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