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KLiC! Keyboarding

Westgate Keyboarding Incentive Program – KLiC  (Keyboard Learning iClub)
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All students in 3rd grade are invited to join KLiC! To participate, visit the online games and practice sites listed below between March 1 and April 1. Record the student’s time spent keyboarding on the Keyboarding Record Sheet.  After the student has completed 8 hours of keyboarding, return the sheet to Ms. Reiman with the student’s name, teacher’s name, and parent’s signature. (Additional sheets can be downloaded below.)

Every student who completes 8 hours of keyboarding time will be placed on our special KLiC! display and will receive a small prize.

In addition to the TypingClub site that all 3rd grade students are registered in and will keep track of their progress, students may use any of the keyboarding sites on this page, other keyboarding programs not listed, or just spend time keyboarding without a program.

As with any online activity, we highly encourage parents to provide supervision.  Please be aware that these are free sites and may contain ads.

Typing Sites