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Students in 5th grade may participate in this optional program!

                      Mr. Michael Alcorn, 
                        band instructor

                    Ms. Leanna Rutka, 
                   orchestra instructor

   I have my own particular sorrows,        loves, delights; and you have yours.    But sorrow, gladness, yearning, hope,   love, belong to all of us, in all times     and in all places.  Music is the only          means whereby we feel these 
      emotions in their universality.    
                        ~ H.A. Overstreet



Band and Orchestra have returned to the real world. 
We are back on the schedule that we started the year with, 
that is,
one class LIVE AND IN PERSON every other week.
And, just like in the Fall, there will still be a great deal
of content going out through the online classroom.

The specific meeting dates for each school are listed on the "SCHEDULES"
page of this website. Please refer there for up to date information.

Believe us, we know how challenging the last two months have been. 
Please tell your kids not to be discouraged if they haven't been
able to keep good habits. We'll get back into it, no problem.

Looking forward to seeing the kids again and making LIVE music!!

[update December 10, 2020]


We have increased our teaching tempo to having 
one online LIVE class every week. 
In addition, your child will have one assignment or belt test 
due every week. 

SO.... there's still plenty of music to be made!!
You should be hearing the dulcet tones of 
beginning instrumentalists practicing their 
craft in your homes.

As always, if you have questions of concerns, don't
hesitate to reach out to one of us. In this environment, 
we're really good at returning emails!

[update October 5, 2020]


It is good to be back in person with students!

Last week, we met with our first five schools (the "Newbold" group);
this week we will be meeting with the remaining five schools (the "Basie" group).

So far, the kids have, for the most part, come ready to go, so we really 
appreciate everything that you are all doing to make that happen. 

Please remember to get your kids checked in to the Google Classrooms
for the Band and Orchestra--invites should have been sent 
(or will be sent shortly)
to your kids through their school emails. 
We will be doing a lot of our teaching this year via the classroom, 
so make sure we stay on top of that piece of things.

If you have a question about exactly when your kid will need their instrument at school, please check in on the "Schedules" page that is linked above.  Every 
school's exact schedule is posted there.

[update September 14, 2020]

Ms. Rutka and Mr. Alcorn are visiting classrooms 
explaining to the 5th graders how this whole thing works. 
They should have something to show you when they come 
one of these days.

You should also find in your email a letter from us explaining
how this whole thing works.

If you did not get either of those communications, please
email one of us (link below) so we can send them 
directly to you. 

To find more information about the program and to register for band or orchestra, please visit the "REMOTE LESSONS" tab.

[update September 8, 2020]

Of course, COVID is going to alter how we do things this year. 
For an explanation of some of the steps we have to go through
to make it possible for Band and Orchestra to happen this year, 
please see THIS PAGE.

[updated September 8, 2020]


Same sort of website that describes the instrument families and their roles in the orchestra

[updated August 28, 2020]


This website gives quick overviews of each of the instruments we're going to 
be working with this year.

Filling out the form will NOT register your child! It's just an interest/information website! Stay tuned for the beginning band and orchestra registration link!

Also be sure to go to the "REMOTE LESSONS" page for more information
and details about our plan to make music this year.

[update August 21, 2020]
WELCOME TO 2020-2021!!


We don't know when, 
We don't know what it will look like,
And we don't know how we're going to get instruments to you.

But, please, be patient, and we will get this all figured out!  
We will send you a greeting this week to your classrooms,
and, at some point, we'll get to see you all 
and make music with you!

To get started, check out the "REMOTE LESSONS" page.
Come back to this page frequently.

Why music? During this time of uncertainty, music is a great way to connect with yourself and others. It's a great workout for your brain and it's just really fun! Watch this short clip on why YOU should learn to play a musical instrument!

* * * * * *

Mr. Alcorn and Ms. Rutka

If you have questions, please leave a message for one of us using the 
"Contact" page link up above.