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Students in 5th and 6th grade may participate in this optional program!

                      Mr. Michael Alcorn, 
                        band instructor

                    Mrs. Leanna Rutka, 
                   orchestra instructor

   I have my own particular sorrows,        loves, delights; and you have yours.    But sorrow, gladness, yearning, hope,   love, belong to all of us, in all times     and in all places.  Music is the only          means whereby we feel these 
      emotions in their universality.    
                        ~ H.A. Overstreet


[updated October 25, 2017]



Everybody has been working really hard, and doing some incredible work, and it's time to show off our growing repertoire of skills to our own school communities.

PARENTS - Please consider joining beginning and advanced band and orchestra students in a school performance sharing holiday-themed music with our peers! Dates and times are listed below. Come dressed in festive attire! Students should bring their own music stands!

VANDERHOOF - MONDAY, 12/18, 1:15pm in the gym

STOTT - MONDAY, 12/18, 2:15pm in the gym

CAMPBELL - TUESDAY, 12/19, 8:45am in the gym

FAIRMOUNT - TUESDAY, 12/19, 10:00am in the gym

WEST WOODS - TUESDAY, 12/19, 11:15am in the gym

SIERRA - TUESDAY, 12/19, 2:00pm in the gym

FREMONT - WEDNESDAY, 12/20, 8:45am in the gym

ALLENDALE - WEDNESDAY, 12/20, 10:00am in the gym

VAN ARSDALE - WEDNESDAY, 12/20, 1:15pm in the gym

Your students should have already brought home to you the information regarding their performance. If--some how, some way--that information did not find its way home to you, you can find the pertinent information at the "Useful Forms" page on this website (link above) or email Mr. Alcorn or Ms. Rutka. 

As always, if you have questions, please leave a message for one of us using the 
"Contact" page link up above. 

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