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Students in 5th grade may participate in this optional program!

                      Mr. Michael Alcorn, 
                        band instructor

                    Mrs. Leanna Rutka, 
                   orchestra instructor

   I have my own particular sorrows,        loves, delights; and you have yours.    But sorrow, gladness, yearning, hope,   love, belong to all of us, in all times     and in all places.  Music is the only          means whereby we feel these 
      emotions in their universality.    
                        ~ H.A. Overstreet


[updated March 16, 2020]

Remote Learning
Mr. Alcorn and Ms. Rutka are both set up on Google Classroom! 
All students enrolled in our classes have been invited to our remote learning set up. Please check in with your student to make sure they have given some love to their instrument today!

Please continue checking in with band and orchestra class learning opportunities as we navigate virtual learning and teaching. This is new for all of us, so we'll be learning together! 

Thank you for your patience! Stay safe and healthy!

* * * * * *
Music is challenging right now... Help!

For some, this is very exciting, as they get to pick up new skills.

For others, this is very daunting, as we take them out of the 'comfort zone' of familiar songs and Holiday music, and into a phase of learning, learning, learning.

The most important things at this time of year are all found in the "P" section of the alphabet:


Nothing new happens overnight; nothing new is automatic. 

Please encourage your students to be patient with themselves as they're learning and stick with their efforts to improve. IT WILL HAPPEN!
And if your child wants to make leaps and bounds, reach out to us
so we can put you in touch with private lesson teachers.

* * * * * *

Mr. Alcorn and Ms. Rutka

If you have questions, please leave a message for one of us using the 
"Contact" page link up above. 

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