Welcome to Mrs. Jones classroom!

Our class motto...
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In our classroom we believe in working with parents and taking into account the individual needs of each student.  Our students work hard in a structured environment that allows them to learn at their pace. Wilmore-Davis places a strong emphasis on staff working with students to develop their full potential. 

Daily Schedule

                      8:30-9:00  soft start
                      9:00-9:20 morning meeting
                      9:30-10:00 Literacy Rotation 1
                      10:00-10:25 LiteracyRotation 2
                      10:25- 11:00 Literacy Rotation 3
                      Lunch and Recess Rotations
                      12:30-12:40 Group Math Lesson
                      12:40-1:10 Math Rotation 1
                      1:10-1:40 Math Rotation 2
                      1:50-2:25 Math Rotation 3
                      2:50-2:55 Literacy Rotation 4
                      2:55-3:15 Independent learning
                      3:15 close of day

Lunch schedule
(for students by grade)

Kindergarten  11:10
First Grade 11:20
Second Grade 11:30
Third Grade 11:40
Fourth Grade 11:55
Fifth Grade 12:05
Sixth Grade 12:15


A note from our teacher:

Hi everyone, I am Karla Jones the special education teacher for the ASD lab. Thanks for coming by. If you need to contact me please use the following:
Karla.Jones @ jeffco.k12.co.us
My Voice Mail:  303-982-2819

Meet our staff:

Speech Pathologist
Dana Franklin
In the classroom on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.
Email: Dana.Franklin@jeffco.k12.co.us
Voice mail: 303-216-6113

Kelly Doyle
In the classroom on Thursdays.

Occupational Therapist
Lauren Thiele
In the classroom on Wednesdays.

Our Classroom Para Educators:
Lisa Arnpriester
Ashley Capps
Pam Cass-Werley
Lori Couillard
Karen Omi
Adam Sweeney

Kindergarten specials 9:15

Rotation of:
Computer technology

Specials for grades 1-6

Sixth grade 8:55-9:40
Fifth grade 9:50-10:35
Fourth grade 10:55-11:40
Third grade 12:20-1:05
Second grade 1:45-2:30
First grade 2:35-3:20