Warren Tech Foundation

"The mission of the Warren Tech Foundation is to remove barriers and help students 
and educators have access to the best career and technical educational opportunities."

It began as a vision of one man over 30 years ago. . .

Pi Warren

Out of that vision came Warren Tech, a technical school started in 1973. From 1973 to today, Warren Tech has evolved into one of the finest career and technical schools in the nation.

Pi Warren's vision is still strong among those who have passed through Warren Tech as students, parents and staff. One way to ensure the gleam of that vision remains bright is to gather a group committed to it. Through a generous donation from the Warren family, the Warren Tech Foundation was established.

The Warren Tech Foundation was established in 2007 with the mission of removing barriers and helping students and educators have access to the best career and technical educational opportunities.

The Warren Tech Foundation is an extension of the Jefferson Foundation committed to providing opportunities, offering options, and recognizing excellence. A lack of financial resources is a significant reason students are unable attend Warren Tech or pursue higher education. It is sometimes a significant hindrance to creativity in the classroom.