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Warren Tech North Students Were Awarded for Their Outstanding Performances! Warren Tech North Annual Student Award Ceremony was held on May 2nd. Students were recognized in each program and received awards in the following categories:  Outstanding Technical Skill Achievement, Outstanding PWR (Post Workforce Readiness) Skills, Outstanding Leadership Ability, Most Valuable Classmate (nominated by classmates), and program specific awards. Students were also recognized for receiving scholarships as well as their participation in NTHS, HOSA, HUNCH, & Mock Trials!

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Cosmetology students at Warren Tech show off their artistry and creativity while taking part in the school's first team fantasy competitionStudents were split into teams, each of which worked on a specific theme/design. “It’s amazing what they’ve done in that amount of time,” said esthetics instructor Vicki Flower.

Make the Future Detroit, Featuring Shell Eco-Maraton Americas to Shed Light on Bright Energy Ideas. 

While many students spend their holiday break relaxing with family and friends, an ambitious group of young inventors is spending their time preparing for the ultimate energy-efficiency challenge in 2017. The challenge? Compete against more than 1,000 students from across the Americas – including Canada, Mexico, Brazil and the United States to see which team can go the furthest distance on the least amount of fuel. 

Picture: Warren Tech/Green Mountain and Wheat Ridge Students at the Shell Eco Marathon, Detroit MI

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