Who may attend Warren Tech?
  • Students who are 16 or older and in their junior or senior year of high school
  • Currently enrolled in a Jeffco, Platte Canyon, Gilpin or Clear Creek High School
  • High School students attending a private accredited academic program or home school program
  • Anyone who has graduated from high school, received a GED, or is 21 or older may apply for approved WarrenTech programs by enrolling through Red Rocks Community College
How do I apply to attend Warren Tech?
  • Complete our online application
How are students selected?
  • Students are selected based upon a variety of criteria, including:
    • Credits earned towards graduation requirements
    • Attendance
    • Cumulative Grade Point Average and current grades
    • Test scores (state assessments)
When do I find out if I was accepted?
  • Students are notified of their acceptance in April through their home high school counselors and/or an enrollment letter mailed home
Can I graduate from Warren Tech?
  • No, Warren Tech is not a diploma granting institution.  All students must remain enrolled in a high school program to attend Warren Tech
What credit do I earn from my Warren Tech program?
  • All programs offer 1.5 high school credits per semester (equivalent to 3 home high school courses).  Specific program credits can be found in our Information Guide
Can I earn college credit for the work I do at Warren Tech?
  • Yes, all WarrenTech programs offer FREE concurrent enrollment credit through Red Rocks Community College
How does Warren Tech work with my home high school?
  • Students work with their home high school counselor to add their Warren Tech program into their schedule.  Students attend Warren Tech either in the morning and their home high school in the afternoon OR their home high school in the morning and Warren Tech in the afternoon.  Home high school counselors are a key component in reviewing your schedule and credits to ensure that each student stays on track for graduation from their school.
Does Warren Tech have student organizations?
  • Yes, Warren Tech has the following student organizations:
    • National Technical Honor Society
    • HOSA: Future Health Professionals of America
    • FCCLA
Is there bus transportation to Warren Tech from my home high school?
How much does it cost to attend Warren Tech?
  • Each program does have a fee associated with the cost of the course and students are expected to purchase necessary items to complete the program.  Please see our current Information Guide for more details.