Welcome to 6th Grade

Upcoming Events to Mark on Your Calendar
3/13 A Wrinkle in Time Movie Field Trip
3/16 Outdoor Lab Forms Due
3/20 and 3/22 CMAS Testing

Happening in March
English Language Arts
Our current reading focuses on summarizing complex fiction and non-fiction text. The big question is "How does summarizing support deeper understanding?". In our typical three reading (close reading) process, we summarize when reading the text a second time. 

Check in with your child about his or her current book group reading. We are also seeing a decrease in completion of reading logs. Many students say they read at home but aren't filling out the forms. Let's keep up the great reading - it builds skills far beyond the page.

Math: Unit 7: Ratios and Rates with Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

This unit is very relatable for students beyond the classroom. We often talk about ratios in connection to recipes and love hearing about their stories of baking and cooking at home.

Social Studies: 
Geography and Economics

Water Quality, Conservation, and Treatment

We are enjoying investigating big questions about water like "How does water quality affect quality of life?" and "How can humans impact water on Earth in positive and negative ways?" Our recent speakers from the Majestic View Nature Center gifted us with some wonderful tools to think about conservation in our homes. Hopefully the timers will help to practice for shorter showers at Outdoor Lab too.