Welcome to 5th Grade

Please contact us by email if you have any questions or concerns.

Please ask your child to explain what we are learning about in school. Here are our current units of study:


In fifth grade reading, students will learn to think more deeply about their reading, use higher level thinking skills, analyze informational texts, compare and contrast characters and themes within the same book as well as across texts. Students will also learn how to deepen their written responses in reading to match their oral comprehension of texts.


In fifth grade math, students will focus on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions, decimals, whole numbers, and mixed numbers. This will be accomplished by direct instruction, inquiry based learning, problem solving, and connecting to real world situations.


In fifth grade science, students will study about the physical properties and separating simple mixtures, conservation of mass, the uneven heating of the Earth's surface, changes to the Earth's surface, weather, and comparing and contrasting the basic systems of humans, plants, and animals. The final unit will be a deeper study of specific human systems. This will be accomplished by direct instruction, inquiry based learning, research, using the scientific method, and connecting to real world situations.

Social Studies:

In fifth grade social studies, students will study American History from the emergence of America as a new nation through the Revolutionary War, and ending with a study of the Constitution. This will be accomplished by problem based learning,analysis of primary and secondary sources, research, inquiry based learning, collaboration, and connecting to today's world.


As a fifth grade team, we are working hard to uphold Jeffco's mission of cutting edge technology in every classroom.  We strive to engage students in as many different forms and mediums as possible.  We want to be completely transparent about the technology we use in our classrooms.  Each website, extension, application, etc. that we use has been vetted by the district in order to be sure that student data and identification are protected and private.

In our fifth grade classrooms we use:
-Google Docs, Classroom, Drawing, Sheets, Slides, and other various Google Suite applications.
-The Google Add-On "Read Aloud" which allows students to have web pages read aloud to them, if needed
-"I Know It Math" which is a web-based practice of math concepts and skills throughout the year.  It is based on common core standards and aligns with our units of study.
-"No Red Ink" which is a web-based practice of grammar concepts and skills throughout the year.
-"Seesaw" which is an digital portfolio tool
-"Padlet" which is for collaborating and publishing
-"YouTube" for various content related video clips
-"Whooos Reading" which is a higher level thinking alternative and reading response tool
-Students will be asked to access a variety of websites throughout the year.  These websites are always carefully chosen by teachers

Be sure to check the Warder home page-Family Resources tab-Student and Data privacy page periodically throughout the year to see an updated list of all new technology being used throughout the year.