Welcome to 3rd Grade

Welcome to Third Grade!  This year is a big year for students. Third grade is the bridge between primary and intermediate grades. It is a pivotal year and students will meet many challenges this year as they learn to write more effectively, read with deeper meaning, and develop higher mathematical skills.  We believe strongly in the importance of parents and teachers working together to enable students to make the transition from early childhood to middle childhood.  We believe that together we can empower students to grow with confidence and continue to reach their educational potential.

What's happening this month in Third Grade???

Writing: We are launching our Writer's Workshop and establishing our writing routines. We are working on writing personal narrative stories that focus on small moments from our lives.

Reading: We are creating a culture of Readers and establishing routines for our Reading workshop. We are focusing on building reading stamina and reviewing comprehension strategies.

Math: We are currently in our first math unit of the year which focuses on Multiplication and Division with the numbers 0-5, 9, 10. Students use patterns, models, and properties of multiplication to multiply and divide within 100. Through their exploration of the relationship between multiplication and division as inverse operations, the students will begin to develop strategies to cultivate a foundation of fact fluency as well as strategies for problem solving.

Science: We are exploring the life cycles of plants, brine shrimp, butterflies and beetles. At the end of the unit, we're taking a field trip to the Butterfly Pavilion on September 28th. Permission slips have been sent home.

Social Studies: We just finished our first unit in social studies. We learned about our role and responsibility to be good citizens in our community.