Course Information

Mr. Mitch Conrad

Mr. Mitch Conrad

If a student is enrolled in a Video Production course, both the student and parents/guardians can access class materials by logging into Jeffco Schoology.  Students use their regular Jeffco login and parents can use their Parent-Portal login to access Jeffco Schoology.

All Video Production courses at Ralston Valley are blended learning environments (online curriculum and traditional face-to-face options).  All curriculum is online so students enrolled in a course will have an extra off-block.  Students will be able to use library computers to work on their course during off-blocks or they may complete work at home.  Students can email Mr. Conrad whenever they have questions and they also have the option for face-to-face assistance during ICE.  Additional face-to-face times are also available.

Video Production Courses

Students and parents can access all course materials at Jeffco Schoology.  Students use their Jeffco login and parents can use their Parent-Portal login.

Film / Video:  First-year course that introduces students to the materials, processes, and artistic techniques involved in film, video, and video editing.  Prerequisite: None.

Audio / Visual Production:  Second-year course that follows Film/Video.  Students will be challenged with more in-depth projects that will require more planning and coordination.  Prerequisite: Film/Video or teacher approval.

Audio / Visual Production Intermediate:  Third-year course that follows Audio / Visual Production.  Students will continue to be challenged with more in-depth projects and techniques.  Prerequisite: Audio / Visual Production or teacher approval.