Welcome to the library's website!  Students in grades K-4 visit the library once a week with their class to check out library books.  They may check out two books (kindergarten checks out one book) but if students are doing a special project we will allow them to have three books.  5th graders visit the library on a more flexible, as needed basis.  There are no overdue fines but lost or damaged books must be paid for before students can check out additional books.  

Please send books back one day before your child visits the library which gives Mrs. Bertle the time needed to get books checked in before classes arrive.  Students that bring back books the same day will not always be given the chance to check out with their class but can visit the following day and check out. 

Many interesting and exciting learning opportunities occur in the library including Skype visits with scientists, coding with robotic balls, Ted Ed club events, and more.  We hope your child has a great year visiting the Vanderhoof library!

Joy L Jones
Digital Teacher Librarian

Terri Bertle
Library Para