Code Combat:  For students who want to take coding to the next level.  

Hour of Code Minecraft:  Harder than the other coding sites listed below.

Santa Tracker:  Learn how to code for Hour of Code!  There are other challenges you can do, too.  A new challenge is revealed each day until Christmas!

Coding with Angry Bird:  For students with no prior experience

Play Code Monkey!  Take the challenge!  Math skills required.

BBC Keyboarding:  Hey 4th grade!  Here's a link to the website where you can practice your proper keyboarding hand and finger position.  Happy typing! 

Keyboarding Speed Test:  For a chance to smoke out the competition and see how fast of a keyboarder you are!  (This is part of the 4th grade curriculum that Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Martin, Mr. Martinez, and Mrs. Trapp are co-teaching.)

TedEd Members:  Use this link to gather ideas on your talk.  Certain 4th and 6th graders are doing a TedEd talk as part of their WIN block.

TedEd email sign up:  TedEd members will also want to receive a weekly email which offers even more ideas!

Students use Schoology to participate in discussions, submit homework, ask questions of their teacher and more.  It is safe to use because the firewall keeps people outside of Jeffco Schools from entering this site. 

Some classes at Vanderhoof are being introduced to Gmail.  The Gmails can only be sent and received within the Jeffco firewall.  Gmail users who aren't a Jeffco staff member or a Jeffco student cannot send or receive Gmails through this site.   Students: don't forget that your username is your student number, followed by and your password is your current password to log in to a computer at school or your Schoology account!

Students at Vanderhoof are learning the 7 Habits of Happy Kids.  3rd - 6th graders are going a step further and creating their own websites!  This link gets those students to the sign-in for their websites.

5th Grade Beats Links
Mrs. Jones and Mr. P. are co-teaching a 5th grade Synergy/Music series of lessons.  The first four links are to be used by the 5th graders for their rap songs.  The fifth link is an example of a finished rap song!

See the Kermit's YouTube project from April of 2015:  Click the link below to access their awesome interpretation of the Declaration of Independence!

Declaration of Independence as learned by 5th graders. ‎‎



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CUMPY... The boy who grew up to be a Civil War General


     Click the picture above to be taken to a site where you can download the movie.  From there, chose one of the first two Cumpy podcast choices.  Right-click and save target to your desktop.  Do not try to play directly from the site or the audio and video will not match up!  


 Here is a very special project that three 4th grade boys created with my guidance.  It is the story of Cumpy, a Civil War general. 

     The boys spent all fall researching facts then spent the winter writing a historical fiction story based on their findings. They turned their story into a stop-action movie which took the spring to put together. Making the movie was a bit of a challenge as we coped with a broken tripod - thanks PTA for coming to our rescue - the relocation of our movie set, and a kindergartner who changed his mind about loaning us his Lego people.   ;-)

     Despite the challenges, we had a blast working on this project and think the end result is very special.  Way to go Nick, Luke, and Michael!

                       Joy Jones,  Teacher-Librarian

 Thank you Randy at Tech4Learning for all of your awesome support.  Tech4Learning are the people who make the software (Frames) that we used for this project.  They rock!