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Common Expectations

Grades and Homework Policy

You will receive points for both District Curriculum Standards and Work Habits.

District Curriculum Standards

Exceeds Standard – A

Meets Standard – B

Progressing Toward Standard - C

Does not meet Standard but assignment was attempted -D

Insufficient Evidence – Incomplete  

                If work does not demonstrate the district standard covered = Incomplete (I)

- You will receive a specified amount of time to complete and/or correct the assignment and resubmit for grade up to an 80%

- Incomplete Work not resubmitted will be entered in the grade book as a 50%.


Work Habits

Personal Responsibility for Learning                                     

- work is turned in on or before the due date

Late work can be submitted for up to 80%  up until one week after the unit assessment.                                                              

- high quality appearance including:                                                  

a full heading (first and last name, date and period, title of  assignment)

correct spelling                                                                                               

correct grammar and mechanics


Self Advocacy

- makes up work in a timely manner if absent

-attends ZAP or Flex Days for additional instruction if needed                                           

Productive Group Work Participation, Collaboration/Cooperation                           

- asks appropriate questions

- makes informed and thoughtful comments during discussions                        

- performs group role with due diligence                                                             

Presentation Skills