Whether you have 30 minutes or hours each month, your ideas, your time, your talent, and your voice are all truly needed at Ute Meadows!  There are endless possibilities in the way you can help!

Interested in art?  We are looking for a Reflections organizer.  

Love books?  We'd love to create a new role of PTA library liaison

Did your kids love the spelling bee or oral interpretation this year?  We'd love to have some folks help organize those great events next year and take some of the work load off the teachers.

Have new ideas of programs, events, or projects you'd like to start at the school through PTA?  Let us know!

To check out the many volunteering opportunities & express interest in helping, click below:

We encourage parents, as well as other family members and community members to volunteer in any way possible. Whether this means chairing a committee, volunteering for an event, or simply helping from home, volunteering for the PTA is a great way to meet other parents in the school and get involved.

If you need help in determining where your time is best volunteered, please contact the PTA and we can help you find the best match for your time and talents.