2019 Ute Meadows Read-A-Thon
Mark your calendars - September 13-26

Read and Raise Money!!  No selling required!!

               Important Read-A-Thon Dates:

                Friday, September 13: Read-A-Thon Begins

                Thursday, September 19: First Counting Day 
                        Bring your booklet to school so reading minutes can be  tallied and receive a prize!

                Thursday, September 26: Read-A-Thon Ends

                                                                                                Reading log and sponsor donations due in order to count toward prizes.

                                                                    Friday, September 27: Winners Announced                                                      

 Why do a Read-A-Thon?

1. Make Reading Fun

The Read-A-Thon helps our students to:

    • Develop great reading habits;
    • Gain confidence in new reading skills; and
    • Become enthusiastic about reading and therefore learning!

2. Raise Funds for Our Awesome School

100% of Read-A-Thon sponsor donations go to support  Ute Meadows and its community.

This is the PTA’s primary fundraiser with no selling involved!  Read-A-Thon funds support: 

    • School field trips; 
    • Curriculum materials for classrooms and learning interventions such as Lexia; 
    • Enrichment for art, P.E., and music programs; 
    • Teacher classroom funds; 
    • Technology; 
    • Programs such as the Science Fair, Evening of the Arts, 5th-Grade Continuation, Carnival, Sports Night, Sweetheart’s Dance, and Movie Night; 
    • And much, much more!

What is the goal for the Ute Meadows' Read-A-Thon?

100% participation!  

We want ALL students to read!  

And we want ALL families to support the fundraiser!

How can students participate in the Read-A-Thon?

1. Read, Read, Read! 

Students record reading time in their Reading Logs.  Count only those minutes read outside of class. Make sure students bring their Read-A-Thon booklets to school on the September 19 and 26 Counting Days to be eligible for prizes!

2. Get Sponsor Donations!  

Sponsor donations can come from students' family members, friends, neighbors - anyone!  Record sponsor information on the Sponsor Donation Sheet in the Read-A-Thon booklet. 

To help meet PTA’s fundraising goals, we are asking each student to try to raise at least $100.  If they do so, they will get a bonus 60 minutes on their reading total! 

Donors can pay with check, cash, or credit card.  For credit cards, pay here. Place checks (payable to Ute Meadows PTA) and cash in the envelopes included with your Read-A-Thon booklet and return by September 26.  Checks can also be mailed directly to the school at Ute Meadows PTA, Read-A-Thon, 11050 W. Meadows Drive, Littleton, CO 80127. 

Parents, check with your employer to see if they offer a Matching Gift program.

FAQ about reading rules

Do books count if read aloud to student at home? Yes!

Can students record minutes for teacher reading to the class? No, only minutes read outside of class count.

Do comic books count? Yes!

Do books on tape count? Yes!

Does reading done through RAZ Kids or other online reading websites count? Absolutely!

Does reading to pets count? Woof! And reading to parents and friends and siblings.  And reading in cars and forts and bed.  And reading while walking or dancing or slacklining.  Just read, read, read!!

Where can students get more books? The library at Ute Meadows is open every school day. Also, the Jefferson County Public Library will allow you to check out several books at a time with your library card! 

Are there other ways to earn extra minutes besides reading? Yes, a student can earn 60 bonus minutes if they raise at least $100 in sponsor donations.

FAQ about fundraising

Are Read-A-Thon donations tax-deductible? Yes. The PTA is a 501(c)(3) organization, and the tax number is 84-1068848.

Can donors to pledge per minute read or only in a flat sum? Either one is acceptable but a flat sum may be easier for you to keep track of.