Join the Ute Meadows PTA online here!
Membership FAQ:

How Can I Join? You can
join the PTA by clicking this link. You can also register in the front office at any time throughout the year.

Why Join PTA? 
The PTA is a strong advocate for our children. Our PTA provides the opportunity for our children to experience many wonderful programs and activities that otherwise may not be available due to our current budget shortfalls in education.  The Ute Meadows PTA also helps build a strong school community with many fun events for the family throughout the year!

Who Can Join PTA? 
Parents, guardians, grandparents, teachers, staff, community members -- anyone who wants to help children.

Do I have to go to meetings or volunteer if I join?  No!  There is no obligation that comes from joining, but we'd love it if you are able to attend or find ways to volunteer throughout the year. 

What Does it Cost? $10 for individual membership and $18 for joint memberships. $6.25 of each individual membership is sent to our State and National PTAs to cover our membership dues and the remaining is used as part of our general fund.

How is the Money Spent?  The PTA develops an annual approved budget that specifies the planned spending of the funds raised. Each year the Board determines which activities the PTA would like to support such as Science Fair, ExCel Program (field trips), Evening of the Arts, Mother/Son Night, Daddy/Daughter Dance, school technology needs, classroom funds, etc.