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Homeschooling with Two Roads

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At Two Roads, identifying and meeting the needs of our homeschoolers is a priority that is fully integrated into the whole of the school – the homeschool support element of our school is not a separate program. Families who have chosen to homeschool discover a welcoming, supportive, and homeschool-knowledgeable reception -- after all, most of our teachers and staff have been or are homeschoolers themselves!

Homeschoolers hail from a wide range of educational philosophies. For Two Roads homeschooling families, the choice to homeschool is often quite personal and derived from a myriad of considerations, including:

  • A wish to provide a more personalized, one-on-one education – especially with regards to special needs or gifted students,
  • The desire to preserve the family’s central role in the child’s character development and socialization, and to offer protection from peer pressure and bullying.
  • Religious beliefs and/or moral values that do not align closely with those found in the mainstream educational setting,
  • The flexibility for students to explore a wide range of topics in depth and in a setting that fosters each child’s unique interests and abilities,
  • A belief that standardized assessments should not be the primary means of measuring student academic growth and potential.

Homeschooling with Two Roads

  • A student may enroll in three to five classes at Two Roads each year. The balance of the student's education is provided by his/her family through home instruction.
  • Students may enroll concurrently in any combination of community college courses, Warren Tech program, and/or TRCS classes.
  • Students may choose to switch to the full-time path confident that any TRCS credits they have earned as homeschooled students will be counted towards graduation.

Kindergarten through 6th grade homeschooling students attend classes one day per week with other homeschooling children. Every effort is made to offer classes homeschoolers are seeking, including: Writing, P.E., choir, art, math, drama, history, and computer science. Our teachers recognize and respect the parent's role as their children's primary educator and craft these courses accordingly.

Courses for home educating middle schoolers also meet twice per week (the exception being 7th and 8th grade students enrolled in high school level courses - these students may attend as often as twice a week). Again, coursework is designed with partnership from the parent-educator in mind.

High School courses for homeschoolers meet twice a week. Students enrolled in the District’s Warren Tech vocational education program or concurrent enrollment may attend more frequently. Many high school classes integrate homeschooled and traditionally-schooled students; the course content and expectations for both populations are identical and instruction at this level is characterized by a powerful, dynamic partnership between parent, teacher, and student. However, homeschooling seniors are graduated by their parents.

In-depth information about school attendance, dress codes, discipline, supply lists, grading and homework expectations and requirements, volunteering, enrollment fees and other policies and procedures may be found in our Parent and Student Handbook.  

Homeschool Liaison

If you have questions about whether or not partnering with Two Roads is for you and your homeschool, our Homeschool Liaison can help.  An experienced homeschooler, the Liaison is well-prepared to offer meaningful encouragement and guidance in areas of particular interest to homeschoolers: teaching multiple grade levels simultaneously; effectively managing time and family resources; selecting and using curricula; finding enrichment events and opportunities; developing reasonable academic expectations and addressing the needs of gifted or special needs learners.  If you would like to learn more about how to partner your homeschool with Two Roads, contact Homeschool Liaison Lisa Wick,

Standardized Tests

Although homeschooled students are exempt from state-mandated assessments, many home educators find that these are both an efficient way to satisfy Colorado’s homeschool reporting requirements and another tool with which to measure their student's academic progress. For these reasons, Two Roads offers access to standardized assessments to parent educators and their students.  These include: 

  • MAP: (Fall and Spring, K-12th grade)
  • PSAT: (Spring of 10th grade);To learn more: PSAT
  • ACT: (Spring of 11th grade); To learn more: ACT

With the exception of the ACT, test results are disseminated directly to families.

 Although we encourage our families to take advantage of MAP testing, Two Roads respects parental choice and does not require that they do so.

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